Legacy of Lies


Twelve years ago, Martin Baxter (Scott Adkins) quit his job as an MI6 agent following a secret operation gone wrong, which led to the killing of his wife by Russian covert operations. Today, and now with a daughter, the ex-spy-turned-bouncer teams up with journalist Sacha (Yuliia Sobol), also a victim of the organisation, to resolve the unfinished business.

Adrian Bol’s thriller Legacy of Lies is a concoction of the Bourne series and Taken, though on a much simpler and smaller scale. With an overload of fight scenes and little substance to carry the narrative forward, the film is not an easy watch. There is a lot of exposition and not much “show,” resulting in a script that goes stale. Adkins has an interesting relationship with his daughter Lisa (Honor Kneafsey), a precocious twelve-year old who is obsessed with school, dieting and money, but that is as far as the excitement goes – aside from the engaging father-daughter relationship, the story loses its mojo. Of all the performances, Sobol’s is most fit for purpose; she is fun, feisty and full of ambition, and her character’s determination to avenge her father’s death fuels the narrative arc with added feminist ideals. Adkins’s Martin follows a very different path: once driven, his zest for life has faded, all his passion now resting firmly on his young daughter’s shoulders.  


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