Lock-it Foundation: Can it really cover up tattoos?


Kat Von D created this amazing foundation that she claims can cover up tattoos, she’s even proven this by covering all of Rick Genest’s tattoos (which was very impressive to say the least) but with a professional makeup artist, anything is possible – so can it really cover up our ink?

First of all, the packaging for this product is super gothic, it fits her personality to a T. It’s got a cool little cap with her initials on that kind of resembles an old fashion wax stamp used for sealing letters. The product is contained in a pump-style airless chamber that pushes the foundation upwards once space has been made which is such a time-saver; no more shaking tubes or trying to scrape the foundation from the bottom, thank you K.V.D.

If you’re vegan you will be happy to know that the Lock-it foundation, and pretty much every product made by Kat Von D, is vegan friendly! For any non-vegans out there, that means there is no animal products or by-products in the formula and that it wasn’t tested on any adorable white rabbits (or any other kind of animal. for that matter).

Now it’s time for the actual wear-and-tear part! For the purpose of really showing what this foundation can do, I also tested an unbranded liquid foundation which claims to be 100% long-lasting and matte, like the lock-it foundation also claims.

The unbranded foundation was a total flop, as you can see in the pictures; there must have been at least 6 layers of foundation smothered onto my arm, and each layer was set with a powdered foundation! The tattoos were clearly visible, and the build-up of foundation made it impossible to blend the edges out, so it just looked like a big translucent blob of goo on my arm.

I attempted the same with the Lock-it foundation that turned out way too good. I only needed two layers to cover my entire forearm and it blended out nicely, so you couldn’t tell I was wearing foundation at all! It was quite creepy how realistic it looked, my arm was completely bare! Clearly this foundation needed to be put to the test a little harder.

What’s harder to cover up than finger tattoos? They’re super fiddly and have so many creases that it would be a major challenge to blend in the foundation. Well, I gave it a try and I can say honestly, I was in shock. One pump was all it took, and those tats had vanished! It took a while to blend out the edges since the layer of foundation was quite thick, but it covered all the creases, even my knuckles. As the layer was so thick the foundation didn’t really dry, so to set it I used the same powder foundation that was used with the unbranded foundation. Honestly, as soon as it was all set there wasn’t a trace of ink that was visible.

If you look close enough at the pictures you can see some raised lines just below the knuckle on my middle finger, but that’s just scaring from where the tattooist went a bit too far in with his gun (if your tattoo is raised or you can feel it after it has healed, your tattooist went in too deep!) I don’t think any foundation in the world could hide a raised scar, but Kat Von D’s Lock-it foundation sure has tried!

Hopefully, the world will evolve into a place where people don’t need to hide their tattoos, but until then if you ever do need a temporary fix to hide some ink, Kat Von D’s Lock-it Foundation will not fail you!


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