Looking for cheaper Fortnite skins? Here’s a list of the best options!


Fortnite is surely an addictive game with an entertaining and fluid Battle Royale mode. It grips you right from the first few matches and best of all – it’s free! Only the cosmetic elements such as skins are purchased with V-Bucks – the in-game currency that players buy with real-world money. At first, you might think to yourself something along the lines of “I don’t need skins, I’m just here to enjoy the game” but soon enough you notice the awesome selection of cosmetic items when you observe other players. You begin to wonder if it were possible to stare at something else aside from your randomly generated, default look. Here are cheaper Fortnite skins you can consider if you find yourself feeling this way.

Psycho Bandit

Through purchasing the Fortnite Psycho Bundle you‘ll get the Psycho outfit along with multiple other cosmetic items. This is an especially good option if you are coming to Fortnite from the Borderlands franchise! You’ll feel right at home! Not only will you look like the iconic mascot of the Borderlands game series but you’ll also be accompanied by the Claptrap as your back bling! You‘ll harvest materials with Psycho Buzz Axes and as a nice addition, you can buy a Bundle that includes a copy of Borderlands 3 if you have never played it yet.

Honor Guard

If you‘re looking for rare but cheaper Fortnite skins, you should really consider the Honor Guard outfit. This rare skin is a unique variation of the Overtaker cosmetic items. Originally, Honor Guard skin was one of two skins that you could receive as a bonus if you were to purchase the HONOR 20 series smartphone. The other skin of the same kind was the Wonder Outfit (modified Shadow Ops skin). The Wonder Outfit is not available for purchase anymore, but you can still find the Honor Guard outfit if you look for it online.


Through purchasing the Deep Freeze Bundle, you will obtain the Frostbite outfit (plus Freezing Point back bling, Chill-Axe Pickaxe, and Cold Front Glider). This skin is good for those who look for winter-themed and cheaper Fortnite skins. Overall this specific outfit has a very serious and militaristic vibe to it. In some way, it’s very reminiscent of outfits worn by Captain John “Soap” MacTavish and Sgt. Gary “Roach” Sanderson in the third campaign mission of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 called “Cliffhanger”.


In a similar way to the Honor Guard outfit, you would usually obtain the stealth-based Reflex skin through purchasing a particular piece of hardware. In this case, it was the Nvidia GeForce graphics card. Nonetheless, it is actually possible to get this outfit cheaper. Fortnite skins often go with additional back bling and the Reflex stealth outfit is not an exception – you‘ll get the Response Unit Back Bling comes as a bonus. It should also be noted that you can choose between three possible color palets of the Reflex skin: black, red and green.

Neo Versa

Another example of a Fortnite skin that comes together with hardware is the Neo Versa outfit. In the past, you would have needed to purchase a PlayStation 4 controller or a headset to wear this outfit but once again you can save by finding the Neo Versa item online and getting in cheaper. Fortnite skins such as this one are exclusive to the PlayStation 4, so this option is valid for those who play the game on the respective console. It‘s a really stylish choice that turns your Fornite character into a blonde lady with cyberpunk-like clothing.


While the Neo Versa skin is exclusive to PlayStation 4, Xbox One owners can enjoy an analogous futuristic-looking skin. One could say that these two skins share a yin and yang relationship, as the name of Eon skin is almost „Neo“ spelled backwards. This outfit turns your character into an armored female android and it‘s one of the cheaper Fortnite skins that have the Legendary rarity classification.

Rogue Spider Knight

Another good example of a Legendary skin one could consider is the Xbox One exclusive Rogue Spider Knight. Unlike the previous two skins such as Neo Versa or Eon, Rogue Spider Knight doesn‘t pursue the science-fiction inspired thematic. Rather, it takes much more after the medieval fantasy aesthetic, taking inspiration from something like Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft or Dragon Age. In fact, it even comes in different colors: you can be either a Knight in shining white armor or the lord of darkness painted in black.

Where do I find these Fortnite outfits?

If you want to receive cheaper Fortnite skins right now instead of blindly stumbling through different retailers, visit Eneba game store! You’ll find all these Fortnite skins in one place and that’s not all. Eneba marketplace also offers an extensive DLCs and V-Bucks collection designed for the most hardcore players. Here’s you’ll find sprays, harvesting tool skins and gift cards to increase funds in your respective digital storefront account (PSN, Xbox Live or Nintendo eShop) and then convert a selected amount of your savings into V-Bucks! Use this chance to purchase cheaper Fortnite skins and enjoy this engaging Battle Royale title to the fullest!


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