Looking For New Wall Lights? These Are The Best Options, By Room


From the kitchen to the bedroom, here are the best lighting ideas you can place in each room for an instant improvement.

Thinking of redesigning your apartment or house this spring? While there’s no denying that all-out renovations are one of the most dramatic ways to transform your living space, there are some easier ways to change up the aesthetic and up-level the ambience, too – so if you’re short on time or lack the patience required for more comprehensive work, then a few simple tweaks could make all the difference with minimal effort.

Wall lights are perhaps one of the easiest ways to add atmosphere to a room that may otherwise feel cold, clinical or a little lifeless, and can help to create a cosy, homely feel without compromising on sophistication and style.

Whatever the room in question, adding some striking wall lights is guaranteed to create a pleasant ambience and brighten things up a bit in a much subtler way than powerful overhead lighting. Unlike lamps, they don’t take up valuable floor space in your home, either – so if you’re a fan of the minimalistic look or simply can’t abide clutter, then they’re a great way to keep things looking clean and refined.

If you’re a first-timer when it comes to wall-lighting or if interior design isn’t quite your forte, then knowing what kind of lighting to choose can be tricky – especially with such a plethora of different options when it comes to wall lighting. To make the entire process easier, here, we break it down for you by room.

Living room

The living room is the heart of any home, and should feel cosy, welcoming and all-round luxurious. Not only is it the room in which you’ll likely spend most of your time, but you may well find yourself hosting guests in here, too – so ensuring that the ambience is inviting in the most sophisticated of ways is essential.

Wall lighting is an easy way to up the style factor in minutes, and adding fixtures on either side of your sofa will provide just the right amount of illumination whilst making for a relaxing feel. This kind of up-lighting is also helpful if you’d like to highlight certain features on your walls, such as a favourite piece of artwork or a prized photograph, and a counterbalance swing-arm-led wall light, or a double swing-arm wall light, are both great ways to go.


The bedroom environment should feel relaxing and be designed to support the winding down process at the end of a long and busy day, which makes wall lights the perfect pick. Dim lights in the evening will help the body and mind prepare for sleep, so avoid putting the overhead lights on and swap that dated lamp for some wall fixtures instead.

Try positioning some wall lamps next to your bedside table for improved reading visibility – not only will they save space on your surfaces, but they are also in easy reach to turn off when you’re ready to drift off to sleep. 

For something unique and that adds character, opt for a set of stylish glass globe lights to further enhance the relaxing vibe. Reminiscent of the moon at night, they make for a beautiful and classy choice – or, for a more modern effect, consider plug-in wall lights or a wall sconce in your bedroom instead.


Kitchens – particularly modern ones – are often associated with pendant lighting, while more traditional spaces might feature a single ceiling light or set of spotlights. But much like your living room, your kitchen should feel warm, atmospheric and inviting – particularly if yours is a kitchen diner and you often use it for dinner parties.

Modern kitchens tend to feature a cooking area with an island for standing at to chat or for sitting and working at your laptop. With this in mind, it’s the perfect spot for some additional illumination, and some Hanover kitchen lighting is just the ticket. Perfectly suited to small areas with a focused lighting approach, they make for the ideal pick – but bear in mind that, since they illuminate focussed lights, you must not use them in any vital areas, such as those you use for cooking and cutting. 


When entering your home, your hallway is the first room that greets you – and the same can be said for your guests. So, while this space is often the most neglected, it should actually be one of the most carefully considered, and this is particularly true when it comes to lighting.

Illuminating the space with a browning wall light at the end is a great way to go, and is an effective way to make any hallway look instantly warmer and more appealing. And of course, wall lights will effectively highlight the path from your front door to the other rooms of your home, adding an extra dose of practicality, too.


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