Marcela Basteri: when was Luis Miguel’s mother seen alive for the last time?


A story that never ends! Luis Miguel He is a famous Mexican singer who became known for his great artistic career from a very young age and the great talent that he carries with him; However, the popular “Sol de México” had a very hard childhood, according to his own statements and his biographical series of Netflix.

One of the episodes that has marked him the most and about which the interpreter of “La unconditional” speaks the least is the disappearance of his mother, the Italian Marcela Basteri, about whom little or nothing is known since 1986. Moreover, there are theories who claim that she is already dead because she never got in touch with her family again. So, the question that has been around for more than 35 years is: what happened to her? The query has no answer, but it is known when she was last seen in public.

Therefore, when we askWhen was the last time Marcela Basteri was seen alive?‘, there is an uncertainty, because the Netflix series tells one thing, but Luis Miguel’s producer says another.

Marcela Basteri and Luis Miguel are seen at Luna Park

It was the year 1985 and the singer Luis Miguel was only 15 years old. He was not even an adult and was already away from his mother Marcela Basteri, according to what the Netflix streaming platform reports. This is because the father of the artist Luisito Rey prevented the relationship of mother and son from being consolidated between the two. Likewise, he psychologically violated the mother of his son, who attended the concert that the interpreter of “La Bikina” performed at Luna Park.

In that same place, the Italian took the stage so that her offspring would dedicate a song inspired by her called “Marcela”. As the novel says, that was the last time that the ‘Sun of Mexico’ fulfilled his greatest wish by reuniting with his mother.

Marcela Basteri and Luis Miguel met in Madrid, according to the producer

It is known that Luisito Rey, father of Luis Miguel, was the one who handled his musical career backwards and forwards; nevertheless, Jaime Vas He was also behind the success of the Mexican singer on his tours. In fact, it is he who said that the last time he saw Marcela Basteri and, at the same time, that he met her son was in 1986.

He knows because the music producer was the one who accompanied the artist to see his mother and where his father was also. After that, the lady was seen at the airport in Italy; she even talked to her aunt Adua Basteri. According to Javier León Herrera, biographer of the musician, in September of that year it was her last contact.


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