Make-up and beauty with CBD


Finding out what skincare routine works best for you can be a tiring challenge. Some products may work for only a short time, when rashes or pimples come back, you find your skin being dry or oily again and the hunt can start all over again. Especially winter makes your skin very sensitive.

One of the best remedies against the war with different skincare- and beauty products are organic products. A lot of regular cosmetics contain toxic and harsh chemicals that may seem to be doing their job, but the issues within your skin are never resolved.

Old, wise and ancient people always sought to fight their problems with nature – they made use of holistic methods. Two of their favourites must have been the hemp and the cannabis plants, whose leaves contain cannabidiol — also known as CBD, for short. CBD is an extract from these plants and is known to have many health benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, moods booster, and digestion improvement. But CBD – without the psychoactive substance THC, obviously – also turns out to be good for human skin! One noticeable and praiseworthy aspect to begin with: the skin absorbs it directly. This is because our skin has dedicated nerve receptors under the surface that react to this cannabinoid.

Secondly, lots of studies have found that CBD in cosmetics treat acne, relieve dry skin and reduce wrinkles. All of that by mother nature! CBD cosmetics and skincare products are a 100% organically made without harsh toxins and chemical additives.

Now of course you might wonder if our ancient forefathers even had a skincare routine back in their time. They did not have to deal with polluted air like we do, however, if they had to, I’m pretty sure they would all place their best bets on the specific cannabidiol plants.

Next to CBD skin care products like face cream, also body lotion and muscle balm are available with CBD extracts. Muscle balm relieves the muscles from pain and relaxes them.


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