Maluma or Juan Luis Londono Arias, the world-renowned 27-year-old Latin pop star, has launched a collaboration nicknamed “So Much Sol” with Quay for sunglasses in just the perfect timing for summer. Shot in Miami, Maluma’s campaign with Quay embodies fancy tropical but sophisticated attire.

Of course, Maluma’s overall look is only amplified by the pair of sunglasses he wears, giving him an air of mystery and a festive one reminiscent of a partygoer. The collaboration was deliberately set in Miami to mirror the “Miami Vice” concept of his fifth studio album, Papi Juancho. There’s no questioning that these photos do his album justice.

Surprisingly Maluma was a fan of Quay before the collaboration, unlike other fashion brands and celebrity collaborations. The singer has been an avid fan of Quay’s for many years, much to the liking of Quay CEO Jodi Bricker, who states, “Maluma has been spotted wearing Quays for years” and that “authenticity is one of the biggest things we look for in a collaborator.” 

The CEO of Quay isn’t the only one with an interest in authenticity; Maluma also emphasizes authenticity in his Instagram posts, where he poses with his favorite outfits of the day. Since the COVID pandemic, he’s even decided to set up a “red carpet” in his house himself to showcase his fashion sense, and it’s been wildly successful. 

Quay’s collaboration with Maluma was partly inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s 2019 campaign with the sunglasses brand. After seeing her campaign with Quay, he comments that he “wanted to be there.” This progressed to bonding between the two after Quay reached out to him, and the rest is history. 

Some of the bestselling frames from this new collaboration include :

  • “Yada Yada,” a pair of boxy clear-framed rainbow sunnies that would fit right in a party that sells for $55
  • “Hardwire,” a pair of polarized sunglasses featuring durable injection frames with metal and triple-barrel hinge temples. 
  • “On Location,” a set of minimalist micro sunglasses with adjustable nose pads and an eccentric diamond-shaped metal frame design.

All of these sunglasses are stylish and are moderately priced. You can try each one virtually if you wish to gauge what you would look like with them in real life. In the meantime, we’ll be looking forward to what Maluma comes up with next.

Maluma has teased that this year is “going to be epic” after working on his new Papi Juancho world tour scheduled to kick off by September 2, 2021, alongside creative executive Ugo Mozie and a Balmain set to serve as a medium for his fashion sense.

The 2021 Met Gala is also coming up, and it’s no question that both Maluma and his fans are thrilled about his comeback. Perhaps he’ll wear Quay sunglasses to the gala – he humorously remarks that “eyewear has replaced shoes as a statement on someone.”

The “So Much Sol” collection, accessible here, ranges from $55 for standard sunglasses to $95 for an optical lens version in terms of price. 


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