Manuela Escobar Age, Net Worth, & Present Life


Pablo Escobar is a name that no-one can forget as he has printed his name in the history books as “The King of Cocaine.“

If that’s a bit difficult for you to digest I’m wondering what you would do when I’ll tell you that Escobar is the wealthiest criminal out of all the criminals born to date.

Furthermore, as a drug lord, narcoterrorist, & politician, he had a net worth of around $30 billion in 1976 which is equivalent to $58 billion in 2019. That’s amazing, right?

After founding Medellin Cartel in 1976, there was no stopping back for him as his drug cartel started monopolizing cocaine trades into the United States.

Now, if I talk about his personal life, he married Maria Victoria Henao & with her, he had 2 children. One of them was a boy, Sebastián Marroquín & the other was a girl, Manuela Escobar.

It’s been around 26 years since he died, do you’ve any idea about the current status of Medellin Cartel or what about his son or daughter.

What’re they doing these days or how they spent their childhood?

Wanna know?

Well, if you’re curious just like the way I’m, then you’re at the right place as in this post I’ll address the current status of Manuela Escobar. Now, you can start reading about Manuela.

Who is Manuela Escobar?

Everyone who has followed the life of Pablo Escobar, would be aware who Manuela Escobar is? She is the only daughter of Colombian cocaine king Pablo Escobar.

Now, let’s take a look at her childhood, & personal life, etc.

Born in the family of a drug lord, what do you think about how her life would be? Well, her life was never normal & as I expected, she experienced a thrilling lifestyle. Moreover, in her childhood, she went through so many problems that you can’t even imagine.

As she was the only daughter, Pablo went through every degree to fulfill the wishes of Manuela Escobar. When she was little, everyone thought her to be nothing but a spoilt child of her daddy.

Once there were rumors that Pablo burned out $2 Million just to make his little princess warm.

Isn’t it crazy?

Because of her rich father, Manuela Pablo had every lavishness in her life. However, soon her fairy tale life came crashing when her father was killed by Colombian National Police.

All this happened when she was just 9 years old & from that moment her life changes drastically. Soon after the incident, she was seen fleeing from Colombia along with brother & mother.

To escape reprisals, three of them traveled in different countries with the likes of Ecuador, South Africa, Peru & Brazil.

Finally, after a long time traveling, Manuela Escobar along with her family took refuge in Argentina. To hide her identity from others she Manuela changed her name to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos. Since, then, she had been living a quiet & private life.

Life as a Princess

May 25, 1984, was the day when Manuela Childhood was born into the home of Pablo Escobar and Maria. After her elder brother, she was the second child in the Escobar family. Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, or later known as Sebastián Marroquín, grew up to be an author & architect.

Because of her family’s background, Manuela Escobar lived a quite normal life. Instead of going to a public school, she was homeschooled.

After reading this, some of you might why?


Well, for her safety from Pablo Escobar’s foes, Sebastián Marroquín along with his mother took the decision to give her homeschooling.

Earlier on Jan 13, 1988, there was a murder attempt on her father & at that time she experienced it as a deaf situation as a car exploded in front of her.

Where did all this car blast happen? This murder attempt happened at the Monaco apartment building of Pablo Escobar. He blamed another drug trafficker Hélmer Herrera, for such an attack.

Now, if I talk about Pablo’s love for his daughter, you’ll get amazed after finding out he created a unicorn out of a horse for his only daughter.

For the entire world, he was regarded as an anti-social & one of the most dreaded narcoterrorists. However, for his only daughter Manuela Escobar, he was the daddy who fulfilled all his wishes.

On one of her birthday, she wanted to get a unicorn as her birthday present. So, that was the reason why he turned a horse into a unicorn.

For this, he stapled a cow’s horn on the forehead & wings on the back of the horse. I know it was quite an impossible task. However, he made this possible for the love of his daughter.

In the process of making a horse into a unicorn, it died with infection. Furthermore, as I told you above, he burned down a stash of $2 Million for his daughter. But did you know why? Why he burned out that much?

Well, you won’t believe when I say, he did all that to protect her from hyperthermia. Pablo Escobar loved her daughter more than anything in the world. In fact, once, Manuela Escobar, asked her father about the value of billion dollars & for this Pablo replied by saying, “the value of your eyes, my princess”.

He even gave her a word that she will be his last child. Later to fulfill his promise, he made one of her mistresses abort her baby.

Living the Life of a Refugee

Sound’s unbelievable, right? How it’s possible for a girl, who has a childhood similar to a princess, could have lived a life like a refugee. Well, this was quite necessary especially after the death of her father Pablo. 2 years after her father’s death, she flew away from Colombia along with her mother & brother.

This was the right thing for them to do otherwise they might have got killed by Pablo’s enemies. Pablo’s family fled from one place to another before settling in Argentina. They moved from Mozambique and to Brazil. Finally, they settled in Argentina as they were getting asylum there.

After coming with tourist visas, finally, they had a home where they could live a normal & peaceful life. However, the new start was not that much easier than you might have thought. In the beginning, Manuela Escobar used to miss her father a lot.

So, she would sleep in her father’s shirt. It was the last ever shirt that he wore. Later in Argentina, she started going to school along with her brother. Meanwhile, her mother gradually became a successful real estate entrepreneur.

However, as things started to come on track for Pablo, another mishappening transpired when one of the business associates of her mother found their real identity. Following this, their mother fled with their earnings. Later she was tracked down by the police & they imprisoned her for 1 & half years.

Meanwhile, authorities investigated her funds for any possible association with illegal activities. However, they weren’t able to find anything illegal with their finances.

Later, the mother of Manuela Escobar was released from the prison but the damage was already done. The revelation of her past, affected the life, Manuela Escobar, once again. As a result, she refused to go to school. Thereafter, she received private classes at her home as part of homeschooling.

Present Life of Manuela Escobar

It’s been 26 years since Pablo Escobar died. Where’s his daughter Manuel Escobar? What is she doing these days? These are some of the questions that I had in my mind. So, I tried my best in finding her current status. But because of my hard luck, I found it quite difficult to trace down her present life.

From the last couple of years, we have seen the wife & son of Pablo Escobar talking to the media. The elder brother of Manuela Escobar has even published a book titled ‘Pablo Escobar: My Father’ under the name of Juan Pablo Escobar. But Manuela Escobar always chose to stay away from the spotlight. To date, she has maintained a long silence.

As of now, we don’t have many details about her current status & one of the reasons behind this is that she isn’t active on Social Media. It seems she indeed has left her past & is really living a quiet & peaceful life with her new identity.

Known facts of Pablo Escobar’s life

Robin Hood

Because of his philanthropic efforts, some people in the past used to refer him as ‘Robin Hood’. However, being a drug lord & leader of a cartel, how’s that possible? Well, that’s what I thought.

For the record, he did all that with the hope of winning everyone’s support. As a part of his philanthropic efforts, he built several hospitals, houses & stadiums for the poor’s.

For once, he even sponsored local soccer teams. Because of his rising popularity in Columbia, he was elected to an alternate seat in Columbian Congress in 1982. However, 2 years later, because of his criminal activities, he was forced to resign. The justice minister behind Pablo’s resignation was soon assassinated.

La Catedral

It was in 1991 when Pablo Escobar offered to turn himself into the authorities. How’s that possible. How come a criminal like Pablo can think of doing like this?

Behind his decision of turning himself in, he had a condition. Wanna know, what was it? Well, Pablo would surrender if was allowed to build his own prison.

Shockingly, Colombian officials agreed on his demands. Now, as a result of this, Pablo built luxurious La Catedral.

What’s so unique about this place? Well, luxurious La Catedral has facilities that you don’t even see in a hotel. Nightclub, a waterfall, sauna, telephones, headphones, fax machines, & a soccer field were some of its facilities.

Later, Pablo killed 2 cartel members at the location & because of this, officials decided to take him to less-accommodating prison.

Rise to Power

Escobar was brought up as the son of a farmer and a schoolteacher. He has indulged himself in criminal activities since his teenage. His first-ever illegal scheme was to sell fake diplomas. Later, he expanded this criminal activity with falsifying report cards. Along with this, he smuggled stereo equipment and stealing tombstones.

He did all this smuggling to resell the items at higher prices. He was first arrested in the case of stolen cars. Shortly, after this, he established himself as a drug smuggler. This leads him to form a world-famous crime organization Medellín cartel.

King of the Jungle

I was literally shocked when I found out that Escobar had a private zoo. However, the thing that I found to be even more surprising was that it was home to 200 animals. In his private zoo, he had animals like zebras, giraffes, camels, ostriches, elephants & many more.

He smuggled most of the animals using his drug planes.  including elephants, ostriches, zebras, camels, and giraffes. Except for 4 hippopotamuses, all the animals of his zoo were transferred back to the national zoos.

By 2016, 4 hippopotamuses have multiplied into 40 & all of them are living in the area.

Final Words

That’s all for now. I think I’ve answered most of the questions that you might have in your mind regarding Manuela Escobar. I think after reading this post you might have got an idea of how she turned upside down after the death of Pablo Escobar. Although it was a bit difficult they eventually moved on with their life & 26 years later, both of his children, Sebastián Marroquín & Manuela Escobar are living a normal & peaceful life.

Now, that I’ve reached the end of the post, I’ll now ask you to give your valuable feedback. Do let me know how your views on this post. If you still have any questions then don’t forget to write them in the comments section given below.


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