Learn all about Mario Alberto Cayo, patriarch of the family and father of the famous Cayo sisters


The Keysthey are one of the most talented families in our country. Each of the members has demonstrated their skills in dancing, singing, or acting. It’s more, Stephanie Cayo, the youngest of the brothers, managed to act in Hollywood in the movie “Force of nature”. Likewise, she became known in Colombia for participating in productions such as “La Marca del Desire”, “Doña Bella”, “El Secretary” and “La Hipocondríaca”.

after the coronation of alessia rovegnodaughter of Barbara Keylike the new Miss Peru 2022, users on social networks have wondered who is the patriarch of ‘The Cayo Clan’, as many have been amazed at the great talent that each member has. In the next block you will learn more about Mario Alberto Cayo.

The ‘Cayo’ sharing with family. Photo: LR composition/ Facebook capture

Who is Mario Alberto Cayo?

Mario Alberto Cayo, patriarch of the Cayo family, was a colonel in the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) and married Ana Cecilia Sanguinetti very young. He had four sons named Barbara, Fiorella, Stephanie and Marioolder known as ‘Macs’.

Mario Alberto Cayo with his family. Photo: diffusion

The Cayo’s mother stated that her husband was a complete playboy. The two met in the 1960s, when she was walking to the Hippie House to buy clothes. Ana Cecilia Sanguinetti he claims it was love at first sight, similar to a movie. Moreover, she pointed out that he was her first crush and her only love.

Ana Cecilia Sanguinetti tells how she met the father of the ‘keys’. Photo: diffusion

Mario Alberto Cayo’s wife, Cecilia Sanguinetti, had their first daughter Bárbara Cayo at age 16, who was born on January 7, 1974.

She married the businessman of Italian nationality Lucho Rovegno, owner of the Baguetteria, with whom two girls were born as a result of their love: Ariana and Alessia. As is known, the last of them participated in Miss Peru 2022 and managed to lift the crown.

Bárbara Cayo and her ex-husband. Photo: Arianna Rovegno/ Instagram capture

Fiorella Cayo

The second daughter was Fiorella Cayo and was born on December 25, 1975. Currently, she is 47 years old and participated in the renowned youth series “Torbellino”. Today, she has a dance studio called “Dance Studio”, where she trained great talents like Carolina Cano and María Grazia Gamarra.

The actress and dancer married Miguel Labarthe; however, they recently confirmed their separation. However, in her past relationship with Edgar Oliva, she had two children: Facundo and Mateo Oliva.

Fiorella Cayo and the end of her relationship with Miguel Labarthe. Photo: Capture/America TV/Instagram

Mario Gaius

After 10 years, the couple had their only son: Marioalberto Cayo, better known as “Macs Cayo”, who was born on May 23, 1985.

He became known for participating in the reality show “Combate” and entering the program “This is war” as a reinforcement. Currently, he is married to influencer Fiorella Giampietri.

‘Macs’ Cayo marries Fiorella Giampietri. Photo: composition/Instagram

Stephanie Cayo

Stephanie Cayo is the last of her siblings and was born on April 8, 1988. She has shown different facets as an actress, singer, model and dancer. Her last production where she participated was in the Peruvian film “Until we meet again”, which was broadcast by Netflix.

The youngest of the Cayo married businessman Chad Campbell at age 30; However, she separated after being together for three years. After this event, she made her romance with actor Maxi Iglesias official, but Stephanie recently announced the end of her relationship.


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