“You lie”, Mario Escobar, Debanhi’s father, strongly answers Azucena Uresti


Mexico.- Yesterday night, Thursday, May 12, Mr. mario escobarDebanhi’s father, showed some messages that the Milenio journalist sent him, Lily Urestiwhere it said that she was with the prosecution.

After the disclosure of the screenshots shared by Mr. Mario Escobar, the journalist reported that his “coverage has been truthful, critical of the authority and attached to the facts and they can review it.”, to which Debanhi’s father replied with a strong message.

The journalist defended herself on Twitter saying that she had not written the messageand that they were investigating what had happened, to which Mr. Escobar replied that he was lying.

“Here are two answers to questions that I have been asked: First, obviously, I did not write the message attributed to me. We are investigating what happened because it was about to go on the air, my last message was at 9:30 p.m. and someone took a attribution without my consent…”, published the journalist on Twitter.

Mario Escobar retweeted Azucena Uresti’s post giving a response to what she said.

“Are you lying now someone sent that from your cell phone? Yes, of course! D’s father wroteebanhi escobar by retweeting Azucena’s post.Photo: Screenshot

Users attack Azucena Uresti in networks

After the publication of the conversation and the testimonies of the journalists, many Internet users began to tell her that it had been her, showing that in the live newscast the journalist was carrying a cell phone, in addition to looking for tweets where she referred to as “Fren” to another journalist.Some of the publications

So far, the journalist has only mentioned that someone took her cell phone and that she did not leak the autopsy information, but rather took the report from El País.

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Given what happened, the father of Debanhi Escobar demanded to open a judicial investigation folder against Azucena Uresti.


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