Matt Wiessler Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Graphic Designer


Has the former BBC graphic designer Matt Wiessler made it to Wikipedia yet? Let us find it out.

Matt Wiessler is a former BBC graphic designer. 

As per the report, Wiessler was paid to generate a fake bank statement with fake payments for Martin Bashir, a former British journalist. 

In addition, this entire scenario assisted Matt in double-crossing Princess Diana to give a Panorama interview. 

For this reason, designer Matt Wiessler is in the spotlight recently. 

Today’s ⁦podcast – including Matt Wiessler, the whistleblower who tried so hard for the truth to be acknowledged in 1995/96, and Lord Grade on what the BBC should do post the Duke of Cambridge statement

— Mishal Husain (@MishalHusain) May 21, 2021

Matt Wiessler Wikipedia And Age 

Graphic designer Matt Wiessler has not yet made it to Wikipedia. 

He is all over the news for the fake statements that he created for former journalist Martin Bashir, which defrauded Princess Diana in giving the Panorama Interview. 

Moreover, Matt, in one of the interviews, also stated that BBC made him a victim. 

The entire incident dates back to 1995-1996 when Matt had engaged hard to reveal the truth; however, it was impossible. 

After more than two decades, the entire case came to light after Matt saved the life of a senior man who walked into the Thames. 

Further, the senior man was Ahmed Bashir, father of Martin Bashir. 

Regarding Matt Weissler’s age, he should be in his 50s. 

No data regarding his birth is published in the media. 

Is Matt Wiessler Married? His Wife Details 

Matt Wiessler has remained secretive about his wife until this point. 

His marriage life, children, and family details are still under review. 

Nonetheless, in the view of his age, he must be a married man with a wife and children making a small happy family. 

What Is Matt Wiessler Net Worth?

Matt Weissler’s net worth is not disclosed yet. 

Even though we are unknown about his exact net worth, we are sure that Matt has earned an adequate amount for a good living over the years. 

Matt Wiessler On Instagram

Matt Wiessler is not found on Instagram. 

But, we can see few other pages featuring Matt with the topic related to his fake statements. 

Alongside, Matt Wiessler is also not on Twitter. 

He appears to be keeping his life away from social media. 


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