Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Christmas 2022


Christmas is a time for joy, family gatherings and giving. But this time of year can be difficult for some people, depending on how they feel about the holiday and memories from the past. Here’s what you should consider doing to make Christmas easier for everyone:

  1. Don’t forget about people who no longer celebrate Christmas with their families or those who just plain don’t want to join in on any festivities until next year! Send them some cards and treats!
  2. Stop by your local homeless shelter to deliver some goodies – or take food that you would have given away any other day of the year – because it’s hard to argue with someone when they’re so hungry!
  3. Sit down with a friend and share some memories – without feeling like you’re being forced to talk about it.
  4. Pick up a Christmas tree – whether that’s at your local tree lot or at a discount store! You can decorate it, hang decorations on it and light the lights. It’s all good fun!
  5. Decorate your house and make your home feel like Christmas doesn’t just happen once a year! This can be as simple as adding more light ornaments to the tree, making cookies and putting them out on the table or getting together with friends for a holiday meal (cooked, of course).
  6. Give the gift of fun! Look at what winter sports your town has – whether that’s ice skating, snowboarding or sledding. Then, get out and enjoy them! Or, go to a local Christmas carolling event or holiday party hosted by friends and family.
  7. Remember that you have the most important gift of all: You’re alive! That’s a gift that not everyone is able to give you every year, and while it can be easy to forget it, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t take a minute to remember what we’re thankful for this time of year!
  8. Don’t be afraid to express your emotions. Many people believe that they should be able to avoid all feelings of sadness or happiness on Christmas when it’s so often full of such negative feelings, but this is not the case. Being emotional is normal, genuine and important. The best way to keep from being emotional is to avoid the entire holiday altogether, but that’s not going to happen! It’s actually very important for everyone – including you – to learn how to deal with depression, anxiety and mood swings.
  9. Don’t feel guilty! It’s okay to be sad at this time of year, depending on your circumstances, but don’t make yourself feel worse than you already do. Try to focus more on the good times and avoid dwelling on the bad by getting together with friends and family to enjoy a holiday meal or take up a hobby that you love – whatever brings you happiness!

Best Christmas Gifts

In addition to the things mentioned above, consider giving your friends and family these gifts:

  1. Health and happiness. Not only is this a gift that can make life easier, happier and more fun for people, but it’s also one they’ll appreciate more than anything else in the world!
  2. A nice card. These are underrated! Many people don’t send cards at all anymore because of the holiday rush and whatnot – yet cards are still a great way to express yourself and have something to look at after Christmas is over!
  3. A phone call or visit. People are very busy during the holidays, and it’s easy to forget the ones we might not talk to all that often – but what better time to catch up, show them you care and listen to what they have to say!
  4. A hug, handshake or a friendly pat on the shoulder. These are good gestures of compassion and respect.
  5. Some time together. These are always good! You can pick up the phone, drop in or just simply schedule a time to visit – even if it’s an hour or two at a local coffee shop or just a quick conversation over the phone.
  6. A book about some of your favourite things. This is another one that’s underrated – but doesn’t it make sense to give someone something they like? It also gives them something to look forward to every Christmas and keeps their minds active!
  7. A small gift for someone you’ve given a lot of years! Call it what you want: “time” or “honor.

Best Christmas Vacation Ideas

What’s the best way to get your family, friends or coworkers out of the house for a few days and see some new places without having to spend tons of money on airfare or hotels? Consider an RV trip, which is great for long journeys with big groups – whether that’s families, friends or business colleagues!

  1. Get out on the road. RVing means you can go anywhere you want and stop at every place that catches your eye along the way. You don’t have to worry about airport layovers or finding a parking spot at your destination, and you’re always surrounded by people you like!
  2. Stay in an RV park or travel trailer. You can stay in a campground or trailer park – which may be more affordable and feel more like home to you!
  3. Use the whole space – especially the kitchen! That’s what many RVers do, and it makes for a nice change from your “typical” kitchen.
  4. Don’t forget about the kids! They’ll love having their own space to play, shop for new clothes and go on grocery runs – especially when there’s no one around to take them places!
  5. Relax and enjoy yourself! The point of an RV trip is to make memories with people you care about and enjoy your surroundings. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling across the country or just around the block – as long as you’re having fun, everything is good!
  6. Enjoy nature. Whether that’s hiking or fishing, being outside in nature is one of the best places to relax and de-stress.
  7. Take up a new hobby or skill. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at fishing, this is the perfect way to do it! You can also get a new experience by learning a new skill or taking up an old hobby again.
  8. Just get out and be around people! You hear a lot about how technology and social media isolate us – but getting out of the house, away from those things, can be good for you!
  9. Explore new places and get to know your state better – or a foreign country you’ve always wanted to visit!
  10. Help out your friends and family. You can do this in a number of different ways – from simply driving someone where they need to go to helping them unpack when you get there or offering your services if they need them.


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