Meet Patrick Vallance Wife Sophia Ann Dexter. His Wikipedia Salary Explored


Patrick Vallance is married to his beautiful wife, Sophia Ann Dexter. Learn more about his Wikipedia details.

Patrick Vallance is a clinical pharmacologist, scientist, and physician from the United Kingdom who has worked in academia and industry.

Since 2018, he has served as the Government of the United Kingdom’s Chief Scientific Adviser. Patrick’s research has also aided the study of vascular biology and endothelial cell function.

Vallance later transferred to the University College London Medical School. He has also held the position of President of Research and Development at GlaxoSmithKline.

Who Is Patrick Vallance Wife Sophia Ann Dexter?

Patrick Vallance married Sophia Ann Dexter in 1986, and the couple has two sons and a daughter together.

Dexter is an honorary tutor at St. George’s Hospital Medical School and a former general practitioner (GP).

Sophia is also an honorary tutor at the Medical School of St. George’s Hospital.

On the other hand, Sophia has managed to stay out of the spotlight for the time being. As a result, information regarding her professional accomplishments and personal life has yet to surface.

Patrick Vallance Wikipedia Bio

Patrick Vallance has a Wikipedia page under his name.

Sir Patrick Vallance was born to his parents on March 17, 1960, in London, England. He presently serves as the government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, having arrived in March 2018 to manage the Government Office for Science.

Before joining the government, Vallance was the chief of research and development (R&D) at the pharmaceutical business GlaxoSmithKline.

After serving as a registrar at the Academy of Medical Sciences and a professor at two institutions, he spent 12 years at GSK in various jobs. In the 2019s, the former professor was knighted New Year Honour.

Patrick Vallance Salary

Patrick Vallance has never revealed his actual earnings on the internet or to the general public. Essentially, Patrick has never disclosed his total essential assets.

When he took his current position as Government Chief Scientific Adviser in 2017, According to Nature, an international weekly science newspaper, he earned up to £180,000 per year, more than the Prime Minister.

Patrick Vallance Twitter Explored

Patrick Vallance is on Twitter under the name @Sir Patrick Vallance.

His Twitter bio reads, “Tweets from the UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser and the Government Office for Science. Most tweets by officials. Direct quotes will be signed “PV.”

He has a massive following of 184.9K as of now and, he is also an active social media personality with a total of 2611 tweets to date.


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