Exclusive: Mum of man stabbed to death in broad daylight asks how can his killer only get seven years?


Momodou Faal was only convicted of manslaughter despite being “plainly the aggressor” in the “frenzied attack”

The distraught mother of Jobari Gooden, who was stabbed to death in broad daylight in Peckham Rye, says her son’s killer’s “ridiculous” seven-year custodial sentence encourages knife crime.

Peckham-born Jobari, 27, was studying accounting, working in construction, and enjoying life with his girlfriend, when he was brutally slain by Momodou Lamin Faal, 28, of Lyndhurst Way, Peckham, on Friday, December 17, 2021.

On that day, horrified Christmas shoppers watched as Faal repeatedly slashed Jobari in what police later described as a “frenzied attack”.

Faal then chased his victim, who ran some distance before collapsing, before escaping on a bicycle given to him by an acquaintance.

His distraught mother Shawna Manboard, 55, said: “The day Jobari died, I died. It’s like I’m here but really I’m dead, wondering ‘why am I still living?’… God might as well take me up too.”

Although police say Faal was “plainly the aggressor” in the “sustained attack”, he was convicted of manslaughter rather than murder in August and was sentenced at the Old Bailey last Thursday, October 27.

Faal’s defence lawyer had argued the possibility that Jobari could have brought the knife, and that Faal disarmed him and inflicted the fatal wounds.

As result, the judge’s verdict was a seven-year-custodial sentence with a five year extended licence. This means when Faal is released following his seven-year sentence, he will have to abide by certain conditions for five years or risk jail.

Jobari’s grieving mother says the  “light” sentence is despite the jury being shown CCTV footage of Faal slashing at Jobari, and four separate witnesses testifying that Jobari didn’t have a knife.


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