Mrs Hinch hits back at ‘idiot’ troll for weight-shaming her over ‘s***’ diet


Cleaning guru Sophie Hinchcliffe clapped back after receiving a cruel message

Cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchliffe, also known as Mrs Hinch, has hit back at a vile troll who criticised her over her diet.

The social media superstar, who lost a eight-stone after undergoing a £6,000 gastric band surgery when she was 21, hit back at a follower who mocked her for making a cheese spin wheel.

The 31-year-old mother-of-two made the recipe with brie, chia seeds, cheddar and a milk wash with red onion chutney.

“You know those days when you just wanna stay indoors wearing massive thick socks? It’s one of those days,” she said as she shared the creation on her Instagram Stories.

As she shared a photo of the finished pastry she wrote: “Calories. Let’s not talk about that.”

The nasty message read: ‘No wonder you are putting on weight eating that s**t Hinch’.”

And she responded by branding her critic ‘an idiot’ for the comment.

Sophie, who has two sons Ronnie, three, and son Lennie, seven months, with her husband Jamie, filmed a ‘Roller Rants’, in which she used an Instagram filter to clap back.

She underwent excess skin removal in 2016 following gastric surgery which left her in agony when it slipped two years later and wedged in her oesophagus.

She took out a bank loan to pay for the gastric band procedure when she was 21 and has since lost eight stone.

In addition to the slipped band, her weight loss left excess skin on her arms.

The operation to remove it led to a serious infection and for a time she feared her left arm would have to be amputated.


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