New menopause diet plan launched by Swansea company The DA Group


Swansea company The DA Group has launched a new diet plan that aims to help women tackle the weight gain that often accompanies perimenopause and menopause. Many women struggle to control their weight at this stage in life. Muscle mass reduces, which can mean your body needs fewer calories than it used to, and changes in fat distribution can cause a thickening waistline. The DA Group’s Menopause Diet Plan offers an easy and enjoyable solution.

Founded in 2012, The DA Group is a family-run company that specialises in diet plans and supporting products made with pharmaceutical grade, clinically proven ingredients. Founders Emma and Tony Scrivener, their daughter Katie Thomas and Katie’s husband Shaun all lost a significant amount of weight on the diet plan they developed – a total of 15 stone between them. In Emma’s case, the five stone she lost was menopausal weight gain, and her experience of this inspired the development of the special DA Group menopause weight loss plan.

“Before the diet, I’d really struggled to shift the weight,” she explains. “Finally finding an approach that worked was liberating, and as the weight dropped off, my health and confidence improved. My blood pressure dropped to normal levels, my cholesterol levels were spot on and mentally it made me feel strong and in control.”

She adds, however, that the aim is not to promote a strict ideal of a thin figure but to help each women find a weight and shape that helps her to feel happy, healthy and confident. For Emma, the target was size 16, and she’s maintained that dress size in the years since completing the diet.

“As women we are very critical of ourselves, and I think I learned to love myself as I am,” she says. “I might not be a size 10 and I don’t think I ever will be or want to be but am content with being the best that I can be. I think we are bombarded every day with ideals of how we should look, and this really undermines women’s’ confidence daily. The aim of our diet is to give women the tools they need to feel in better control of their weight, whatever weight they are happiest at.”

The DA Group Menopause diet consists of three elements: DA Advanced capsules to help with some of the negative effects of dieting, such as appetite control, low mood and low energy, an eating plan that educates you on healthy eating, portion control and cooking techniques, and the DA support group, an online community where people can ask questions, share recipes and access advice from The DA Group team.

The diet is designed to be easy to follow and to offer plenty of enjoyable meal options.

“Our objective is to help you fall in love with food again and help you lose weight as

your body changes,” says Emma. “An important message to all of our dieters is: you are not alone. Our online community is one of our greatest strengths – it’s a big family in which all our dieters can support each other, access advice from us, and share their stories. Going through the menopause can feel very isolating and being part of a group like this can make a huge difference.”

The Menopause diet plan, including an introductory book, recipe book, DA Advanced capsules and access to The DA Group’s online support group, costs £44.99 and is available here.


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