New Stealth Electric Bikes Off Road And Homologated 2022 Range


Stealth Electric Bikes, the leading company in the field of high-performance electric vehicles presents its new 2022, off road and homologated range.
After signing strategic partnerships earlier this year with C-Creative of San Marino for the design and development of its new vehicle platforms and also Vmoto Soco Italia for the synergic development of the sales and after-sales network in Italy, Stealth’s new products are set to change the way we think about light weight personal mobility and off-road recreation.

Technology, reliability, and performance are the key areas on which the company has focused its attention to create a mechanically perfect product and to make the riding experience even more exciting.

Technical improvements have been made in several areas, from CrMo monocoque chassis, to the high torque direct drive hub motors.

The frame and swingarm on the H-52, F-37 and B-52 models have been completely redesigned with updated geometries and improved ergonomics to improve high speed stability with provide a more comfortable cockpit for the rider.

Handling over rough terrain has also seen a significant improvement with updated suspension and the wheel diameters increased from 24” to 27.5” across the board.

Stopping has not been forgotten with the company dropping the traditional MTB braking systems in favour of motocross derived brakes and 250mm rotors ensuring shorter stopping distances, more precise lever control and no chance of brake fade on the gnarly downhill trails

The high torque, direct drive hub motors used on the H-52’s, F-37’s B-52’s have all undergone a number of optimisations with improvements in cooling provided by a combination of circumferential heat transfer fins and ferro-magnetic cooling technology.

Throttle mapping and power delivery have also been improved to provide operators with more control and a much smoother ride.

On both of the H-52 and B-52 variants, the most powerful in the range, NCM battery technology has been improved to increase energy density and overall capacity and range by up to 25%.

HStealth Electric BikesThe latest generation Stealth B-52s, (available in Q1 of 2022) will no longer use the traditional Suntour 9 speed Vbox and will be replaced by Stealth’s proprietary Hex Box transmission. Tougher than ever, the Hex Box’s oil bath transmission provides new B-52 pilots with 6 pedals speeds, all controlled by a new electromechanical gear shifting mechanism. Doing away with the old fashioned cable operated gear shifter simplifies the system and has it’s own in-built in power source which will allow pilots to continue to shift gears even after the main traction battery has been depleted.

The off-road range currently consists of the following versions: P-7, P-7R, F-37 and H-52 which wil all be available from the beginning of December from Stealth dealers across the world and will be followed up by the B-52 which will come online early in 2022.

As an extension to the family, Stealth will be introducing L1eB homologated variants known as the H-52S, B-52S and F-37S which fall into the same registration category as most 50cc motorcycles/scooters across Australia, Europe and the UK. The new “S” models will benefit from all of the technical improvements made to the off road models with the addition of lights, indicators, mirrors, mudguards and license plate in order to meet the registration requirements of the vehicle.

The homologated variants will be available at Stealth dealers from March 2022

We look forward to seeing you at EICMA, Hall 22 stand Q20, to see the new Stealth Electric Bikes live with Giovanni Castiglioni and Adrian Morton at your disposal to show you the this first step of Stealth’s future mobility strategy.


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