Oi Belfast! Forget Chocolates, Help Someone Instead


OutsideIn, Belfast’s local business that gives back is giving locals a love-filled surprise with a twist.

The day of love is upon us and to add to the butterflies, Belfast’s local business that gives back is giving the city’s slickers a surprise that’ll sweep them off their feet.

On Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2022, OutsideIn will be taking to the streets of Belfast to give out their iconic ‘Oi Beanies’ to total strangers. OutsideIn is known for its unique ‘Wear One, Share One’ concept which is applied to every one of their products and means that for each product purchased, an additional and specially selected product is given to someone experiencing homelessness. Through ‘Wear One, Share One’ alone, the clothing brand has donated over 120,000 products to those in need since starting in 2016.

Throughout the last five years, their Oi Beanies have become synonymous with the brand alongside their bright and bold Pom Pom Hats which are easily spotted throughout Belfast’s streets – especially in the winter. However, this Valentine’s Day, OutsideIn is taking their commitment to giving back to those in need a step further and encouraging their customers to look at the people in their lives who are simply in need of something to make them smile, bring them some hope or remind them that they are loved.

Each Red Oi Beanie that’s given away comes with the challenge for that person to pass it on to someone else. David Johnston, Founder of OutsideIn said: “We’re in the business of giving back and we’re always looking for ways to challenge our customers to adopt an ‘others-focussed’ mindset. Through our ‘Wear One, Share One’ concept, we’ve seen so many lives impacted, not just because of the product they receive but because of the knowledge that someone out there has them in mind.

“This Valentine’s Day we simply want to help people help the people in their lives. It would be easy to give out free Beanies for the customer to keep for themselves, but we believe it’s so much more exciting to challenge them to give it to someone else – whether they’re in a rough patch, having a bad day or simply need to be reminded that they’re loved, our goal is to create the opportunity for our customers to step up and be the person to give them that smile they deserve.”

Customers can expect to see OutsideIn next Monday, 14th February, around Belfast City Centre (Corn Market) as well as some surprise drive-thru’s around town from 10:30AM onwards.

If you’re up to the challenge to spread the love, ditch the chocolates and roses and give a gift that’ll make them feel good from the inside out from OutsideIn!

About OutsideIn:

OutsideIn is a streetwear brand fuelled by social impact. Since it was founded in 2016 by Socialpreneur, David Johnston, OutsideIn has used a unique Wear One, Share One model to reach tens of thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness worldwide.

Wear One, Share One simply means that for every item purchased, OutsideIn provides an additional item for someone experiencing homelessness. This method of giving is a crucial element in OutsideIn’s mission to encourage human connection by giving customers the opportunity to engage in conversation with a vulnerable individual when presenting them with their giving item.

Wear One, Share One has impacted those experiencing homelessness in over 36 countries and 200 cities. Since 2016, more than 120,000 giving products have been distributed globally.


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