OneSonic is an in Irish company that makes earphones, earbuds and headphones that won’t break the bank. Their latest product is the MXS-HD1 noise cancelling earbuds and is released just in time for Christmas.

What’s in the box

  • ONESONIC MXS-HD1 Earbuds with Charging Case
  • USB to USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • MXS-HD1 User Guide
  • Two pairs of silicone tips
OneSonic MXS-HD1 Design and Specs

The MXS-HD1 earbuds are stylish, sleek and like the Ford Model T come in just one colour, black.

As everyone’s ears are different, the earbuds might not fit securely in your ears and they slipped out of my ears a couple of times. This can easily be corrected by changing the silicone tips, which come in three sizes small, medium and large.

Active Noise Cancellation (23dB – 25dB)

  • True Wireless Stereo (TWS)
  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • Environmental Noise Suppression with Ambient Sound Mode
  • Fully customisable with Small, Medium and Large Silicon Earbuds
  • Apple & Android compatible
  • Bestechnic BES2300ZP Chipset
  • Supports HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, SPP profiles
  • Supports Siri / Google Assistant
  • Driver: 7mm (32?)
  • Earbud Battery: 40mAh/side (full charge in 1hr)
  • Working time: 5hrs
  • Charging case battery: 500mAh (full charge in 1hr) with Wireless Charging
  • USB Type-C Charging (5V / 2A)
  • IPX4 Splash and Sweat Resistant

How do the earbuds perform?

The earbuds have one great thing going for them, and that is the noise cancellation, which is superb. Atmospheric noise is suppressed when making and receiving phone calls and also when listening to music and podcasts. When listening to music and podcasts the sound quality was excellent and much better than I expected.

The earbuds work with Apple and Android Phones and also works with Siri and Google Assistant. They also easily synced up to my iPhone 12 and Mac Book Pro thanks to the  Bluetooth V5.0 technology embedded in them. To those of you who use your earbuds when you are working out at the gym, they are splash and sweat resistant. Any earbuds that don’t have this are not worth buying.

The earbuds are easy to control as you just tap on the left or right earbud to do certain things. For example, If you want to play the previous track you were listening to you just triple tap the left earbud and if you triple tap the right earbud you move to the next track.

I was very impressed with the battery life, the earbuds last 5 hours on one charge and their charging case gives you 20 hours. So if you are going on a long journey you will be catered for.

When the charging case needs to be charged, it only takes an hour and a half to recharge them. The charging case is just the right size to fit in your pockets and is not bulky.


The SonicOne MXS-HD1 are well worth buying as they offer a lot of bang for your buck at €129.99. It’s also great to be supporting an Irish company and I look forward seeing what they bring out next. If you are looking to buy earbuds for yourself or as a gift, the SonicOne MXS-HD1 should be on your radar.


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