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To many bettors, betting is a profitable business from which they earn a living. Online sports betting, in particular, is fun, simple, and highly rewarding when punters get everything right. Smart bettors and experts invest in some reliable betting tips to improve their chances of winning. If you have been a serious gambler, then you have probably come across sites that claim to offer sure odds and betting tips. 

Most of these sites are legitimate firms that use advanced technologies to predict how given events will go. While you can get some free tips from sites like, in most cases, you will have to pay a small fee to help them cover the algorithm costs. But just like everything that involves real cash, there’re opportunists who are ready to swindle good individuals. 

You need to understand the tricks that scammers use in order to avoid them. Keep reading to identify some of these tricks and learn about the proven tips that you can use.


In most cases, scammers target starters who have just discovered the sweet fruits that online betting provides. Ultimately, they’ll not only take the hard-earned cash of their targets, but they’ll also cause them to lose the much they place bets at their favourite sportsbooks. The most common tricks that scammers use are:


In 2022, many bettors are falling for this catchy term. You need to understand that nothing can be assured in an upcoming sporting event unless it’s fixed. Betting companies provide odds on different events based on their assessment of the circumstances and participants. 

That means you should trust the betting odds that your sportsbook offers more than the words of a stranger on the internet. Prediction sites that provide legitimate betting tips rarely use the term sure bets. Before you can be a victim of such as a scam, use some common sense to see that a wager cannot be 100% sure.


Long odds are another common trick that scammers use. They use this trick to get punters to purchase their bogus tips. Long odds are simply a combination of multiple choices into a combo bet. Also known as ACCA, accumulation, parlay, or multi-bet, a combo wager is the easiest to sell because some odds can win. 

Scammers only need to show punters that one event in their previous long odds was correct in order to convince potential bettors. Sometimes, they come up with tripled or doubled odds that don’t make sense to confuse bettors and take their cash.


Scammers that say they know something that no one else knows often come off as overconfident. These scammers utilize reverse psychology to make sure their targets believe that they’re really missing out on a lifetime chance. The question that you need to ask yourself is that would an individual committing illegitimacy tell it to strangers on the internet? You should never purchase stories of fixed games or corruption schemes. Some expert tricksters tend to utilize complex phrases like dark web leaks to appear and sound sophisticated when they are just basic scammers.


After learning about the most common tricks that tricksters use, it is important to know some of the tips that can help you protect yourself against any threats. These tips are:


Using well-regulated and reliable betting sites is a vital part of avoiding scams in the online betting industry. Be sure to use betting websites that hold licenses from well-known regulatory authorities. 

Malta Gambling Authority, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and Curacao eGaming are some of the leading regulatory bodies that license and regulate legitimate gambling sites. Well-regulated betting sites offer competitive odds that can help you avoid sites that claim to offer long odds.


All successful bettors research on their own. They take time to analyze games and sportspersons before placing any bets. There are many sites that you can trust out there when it comes to analyzing upcoming events. 

Aside from these websites, you can also follow the tips that betting experts provide through different platforms, including social media. When you are doing research, you should check things like head-to-head performances, player injuries, previous meetings, and rivalry between the competitors.


Scammers are also available in the form of betting companies. While many sites are trustworthy, others are designed to steal from punters. To avoid such sites, you should check the terms and conditions to ensure they are player-friendly. The betting industry isn’t very transparent, and therefore, this’s a crucial step if you are looking to avoid any scams in 2020. The main terms and conditions that you need to keep your eye on include:

  • Sportsbooks promotions
  • Rollover requirements
  • Minimum withdrawal amounts

Whenever you’re in doubt about any terms and conditions, you should contact the customer support team. A reputable bookmaker will explain each term and condition in detail, making everything clear for all customers. Sportsbooks that are trying to scam punters likely leave out important terms and conditions. 

If it is missing this, then that is a red flag, and that means you should avoid it by all means. The withdrawals that the bookmaker offers are among the key areas. Withdrawals should be not only easy but also quick. If withdrawals are taking longer than expected, you should talk to the appropriate gambling authorities. Scam websites do not have any interest in paying out punter winnings, and they will always make excuses as to why they aren’t paying.


Placing bets online is a great hobby that offers top-notch entertainment. And you should not lose out your hard-earned money to dodgy sportsbooks or betting scams. But you should know that lots of scams are available out there, so it is important to watch out for some common tell-tale signs. Be sure to use these tips to avoid any betting scams in 2022. Always remember to use regulated sites, avoid unrealistic sign-up bonuses and listen to experienced gamblers.


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