Opportunities in the Growing Online Gaming Industry


The online gaming industry is one that will continue growing with unlimited opportunities to make credible investment in it. Gaming industry in 2020 has increased very rapidly and there are no signs of stopping. No wonder according to Statisca total revenue of $25 million is expected to be generated from mobile games alone in 2020.

Also, a lot of trends such as augmented reality, cloud gaming, virtual reality are becoming so popular and this technological advancements commands billions in the online gaming industry. This has provided so many opportunities for major companies and even private investors such as Sony Corporation, Microsoft, Microgaming, and Electronic Arts to make huge investments in it.

Péter Deli who is our expert here, with his research and experience in the gambling industry which is still part of online gaming. In Hungary, gambling laws were in existence since 19191 but online casino gambling was legalized in 2013. The legalization of online casino games like blackjack, video slots, online poker, baccarat and trusted casino sites like Hungarian wazamba made players drive into a lot of online gambling in Hungary. Although they are not the top players when it comes to the gaming industry growth 2020 statistics, they have made a promising contribution to this rapid growth in online gaming.

Opportunities in the online gambling industry are massive; they are a lot of areas where investors can put their money in like Esports stocks, streaming, coaching etc. Let us discuss those possible areas that we can make some credible investment in this huge industry.


Esports is very popular in the online gaming sector. Esports comprises a variety of popular games including FIFA, PUBG, Dota 2, Call of Duty etc. Every year International competitions in various games are held. In 2017, over $24 million was realized in the Dota 2 championship tournament. A Malaysian team also raked $41 million in 2018 at the international tournament. Are you still thinking there are no opportunities in online gaming? I think right now the answer to that question will be no.


Healthy stocks of top companies are available in the online gaming industry. If you have the capital and are willing to take the risk, why not consider buying some stocks that will appreciate in the near future.

  1. Online casino stocks: Most of the large online casino industry or companies have their stocks publicly traded such as Leovegas, Ladbrokes etc.
  2. Game Provider stocks: Companies that license games also have their stocks available that one can possibly buy. NetEnt, PlayTech, Nanobit, Primal are not to be left out.
  3. B2B Casino Software: some other companies provide backends for online casinos in which they run their businesses on. You could also check them out.

Live streaming/Youtube

Gamers stream their game play for an engaged audience. They are also posted on platforms like Youtube. Currently top gamers have a Youtube channel where they post videos of their streams, people subscribe and watch them. They earn money from the videos posted. Earnings of about US $13 million were made in 2019 by Makipher and PewDiePie from Youtube.


They are professional gamers that act like coaches. Gaming is also a side hustle, they are professional coaches for different online games and they charge on an hourly basis for their coaching services. Coaching is a way of making money from your participation in these games even though it isn’t all that lucrative.

Invest in ETF options

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) is securities that track an index. They are also traded like stocks and are less risky in terms of investment options. ETFs such as:

  • Global X Video Games & Esports ETF (NASDAQ:HERO)
  • VanEck Vectors Gaming ETF (NASDAQ:BJK)


These are but the few opportunities available online gaming whereby one can invest in and make money. Online gambling is still part of this big family with several betting opportunities from online casino sites to mobile betting sites and Esports. Their Growth is numerous ways to explore and invest in this industry.


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