Pasión de gavilanes 2: who is who in the second season of the soap opera?


This long-awaited sequel to Pasión de Gavilanes promises drama, romance, and betrayal. In addition to the original characters, the Reyes brothers and the Elizondo sisters, we will see a whole new generation of members of these two families. There will also be some beloved actors from the previous season and new faces replacing some faces from the original cast. And as if that were not enough, the already classic soundtrack of this successful Telemundo soap opera will be heard.

Who is who in Passion of hawks 2?

(With information from Telemundo)

Mario Cimarro as Juan Reyes

After nearly two decades, Juan continues to love Norma deeply. For him there is no other woman more beautiful and important than her, while admiring the beautiful women he meets from time to time. He also feels jealous, because there are not a few men who continue to notice Norma. His character is still somewhat explosive and elementary, although he has gained maturity and control thanks to the responsibility of her father and husband.

With Juan David, his eldest son, he maintains a very close relationship, but the same does not happen with his twins, Erick and León, who have gone out as rebels and will be involved in a murder and that is when he must face the mental battle that they raise their doubts and their fatherly love. Juan will have to gather strength to protect his family and defeat the powerful adversaries who have come ready to destroy his family.

Danna Garcia as Norma Elizondo

Like her husband Juan, she is very well preserved and with a charm that instead of disappearing increases with the passing of the years. Norma is very active, and she takes care not only of her house, but of the affairs of the hacienda. She is very awake, intelligent, with a lot of personality, and respectful of the important people and the workers who serve her. She dearly loves Juan and his three children, whom she protects and tries to understand.

Juan Alfonso Baptista as Oscar Reyes

As in other times, Óscar quarrels from time to time with Juan, although he continues to respect him. He intervenes too much in family matters, especially in those that concern Eric and León (the children of Norma and Juan), his favorite nephews, for whom he feels a fatherly devotion, perhaps because he and Jimena have not managed to have children.

Paola Rey as Jimena Elizondo

Although she is very balanced and knows how to face difficult situations with good judgment and prudence, Jimena’s character has not changed much, she is explosive at times, serene and tender at others, daring and very brave to defend the safety of her loved ones.

Michel Brown as Franco Reyes

Franco has a harmonious family and a prosperous business selling horses abroad. Everything was perfect, until, without any clear explanation, he began to be cold and distant from his loved ones because it happened to him and we will discover it throughout the chapters.

Natasha Klauss as Sara Elizondo

Although she is still active and hard-working, a great fighter who stays awake for the well-being of her children Andrés and Gaby, whom she tries to understand and respect, her husband’s estrangement has broken her spirits and she will find comfort in another man.

Bernardo Flores as Juan David Reyes

Juan David is handsome, strong and with a character similar to that of his father. In addition, he is intelligent, and is not carried away by appearances. Fair and respectful towards the workers, he deeply loves his relatives, even his younger brothers with whom he does not share certain behaviors.

Sebastian Osorio as Erick Reyes

Erick is a handsome young man, with a penetrating gaze, very strong, provocative and aggressive. He sometimes acts impulsively without considering the consequences, and nothing seems to move him, but he also shows great sensitivity. He has dominion over his twin brother, and is a little envious of Juan David.

Sebastian Osorio as Erick Reyes. Photo: Telemundo.

Juan Manuel Restrepo as Leon Reyes

León loves, respects and obeys Erick, although on many occasions he disagrees with him. He tries to humor him so as not to upset him, because without him, he feels incomplete. Good figure, nice, he could be a very sweet young man, were it not for Erick’s influence.

Juan Manuel Restrepo as Leon Reyes. Photo: Telemundo.

Jeronimo Cantillo as Andres Reyes

Andrés is the son of Franco and Sara. He is educated, cheerful and intelligent, he studied music abroad and wants to pursue a career as a composer. He is a quite handsome boy who attracts beautiful young women like Muriel, who is initially interested in him, until realizing that she can only aspire to friendship with her. He is the artistic and musical director of the shows that are presented at the Alcalá bar, Rosario Montes’ business.

Yare Santana as Gaby Reyes

Gaby is the daughter of Sara and Franco. She is a pretty, restless and intelligent young woman who studies modern languages. She gets along very well with her entire family and is very interested in the social and economic situation of the people she meets. Perhaps because of this, she becomes friends with Nino Barcha, an attractive young man who does not belong to her study group, whom she accidentally meets in strange circumstances, and who is part of a gang of criminals who plague the city of San Marcos. .

Zharick Leon as Rosario Montes

After traveling the world, thanks to her marriage to the multimillionaire Samuel Caballero, Rosario returns to the bar ready to live the passion intensely, but she notices the wrong person. Her obsession with Juan David Reyes leads her to commit countless mistakes that even confront her with her own daughter Muriel.

Kristina Lilley as Gabriela Acevedo

Gabriela has dedicated herself to working on her farm and living for her relatives. She continues to be a lady who strives to stay well, taking care of Martín, her elderly father. After the two failed marriages that brought so many misfortunes to her life, she is not used to loneliness.

German Quintero as Martin Acevedo

Due to his advanced age, he suffers from blackouts and his lack of coordination are becoming more noticeable and frequent. However, sometimes his memory is prodigious because he remembers distant events with great detail. In addition, he knows perfectly well all of his great-grandchildren whom he adores, just as they adore him.

Camila Rojas as Muriel Caballero

The daughter of Rosario Montes is a very beautiful, elegant young woman with a remarkable culture. She is not easily fooled, nor does she trust calculating and evil people like the butler Pablo Gunter, nor does she submit to completely obeying her stern parents. She is very intuitive and when she likes someone she makes them her friend. When she falls in love with her, she does not hesitate to show her love, to enjoy it and defend it to the last consequences.

Sergio Goyri as Samuel Caballero

The husband of Rosario Montes and father of Muriel is imposing in appearance, with a good presence, a strong voice and a confident tone that denotes the severity and dominance he uses to make himself respected. Due to his excessive arrogance, the multimillionaire plastic surgeon has become a cruel and inflexible being.

Katherine Porto as Romina Clemente

Although she is a modest and pretty woman, she has an unpleasant character. She is not very intelligent and what she feels she does intuitively. She lives with resentment and anger.

Jacobo Montalvo as Duván Clemente

Romina’s son is marked by the bitterness generated by his abusive mother, who mistreats him and uses him for her goals. Duván is intelligent, but he is forced to lie and support the bad actions of his mother.

Alejandro López as Demetrio Jurado

Demetrio is a rancher who lives in a region neighboring San Marcos. He appears to be kind, charming, honest, healthy, respectful and has endless virtues that he is far from being, because he is a depraved, corrupt and racist type.

Where to see the first season of Pasión de gavilanes?

So far, the first part of the telenovela Pasión de gavilanes can be seen in its entirety on the Netflix platform.


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