Patchworks has it all sewn up with new ‘low code/no code’ integration platform


Patchworks has launched its new low code/no code integration platform which empowers retailers to supercharge their growth and allows businesses to take control of integrations with easy to use self-service features.

The company was founded in 2014 and now has a roster of more than 300 clients and partners – including Huel, Gymshark, Lounge Underwear, Castore, Cox & Cox and Simba Sleep.

The Patchworks integration platform as a service (iPaaS) connects key ecommerce websites, warehouses, business (ERP & Finance) and marketing softwares globally. Allowing businesses to simplify the integration and management of their technology stack. 

This allows data flows to be set up in a simple, easy to use way. Empowering businesses to leverage their data, to drive growth through seamless customer journeys and operational agility, allowing them to move quickly. 

The Platform includes powerful APIs supporting a growing list of hundreds of connectors providing a rich set of options for businesses’ ecommerce stack. The goal is to empower retailers, agencies and software partners to connect and deliver integrations themselves, as well as innovate on top of the platform through a powerful self service portal.  

This is the beginning of a new generation of technology that allows online retailers to put data at the heart of their e-commerce strategy. Using all their data sources, brands can move away from simply taking, processing and shipping orders to using data from transactions and interactions intelligently, creating friction free, data driven customer journeys and experiences. 

It has been created as a modular Composable Commerce platform to offer agility and flexibility. The interface has been carefully designed to be super intuitive and to enable complex challenges to be overcome as simply as possible.

David Wiltshire, CEO and founder of Patchworks, said: “We’re excited to share our new low code/no code platform allowing retailers, developers and agencies to get stuck in and create powerful integrations themselves. We are working to offer a platform that supports the future of ecommerce, placing data at the heart of creating beautiful customer journeys.

“In such a competitive space, online retailers need to choose the right systems for their business and get to market quickly. Most retail businesses now require ten or more specialist softwares to operate effectively. Integration is a critical and often overlooked component, however is key to removing, reducing and automating manual business processes.

“Every company deserves to have the freedom to choose the path they want to take. But for many, their platforms and current integrations can’t support a best of breed approach. We want to change that, so everything they implement into their tech stack is software to be proud of.”

In August 2021, Patchworks announced that Gresham House Ventures – a growth equity investor specialising in software and digitally driven businesses in the consumer, healthcare and service sectors – made a £3.3m investment in the business.

This is the third investment for the Gresham House Ventures team in the digital consumer space this year, as it focuses on the technologies enabling D2C ecommerce offerings which it believes are crucial for the future of the retail space.

About Patchworks

Patchworks is an integration provider, but at our heart we’re all about making connections.

Connections to your core business applications, but also connections to people by helping your business thrive. We’ve made it our mission to streamline the integration process so your company has the freedom and capability to handle its operations.

To manage that, we use a powerful and easy-to-use platform which links anything from your ecommerce infrastructure and warehouse software to your ERP.

And through automation, we eliminate the need for manual data entry. That means you can rest easy knowing your operation won’t be overwhelmed, regardless of the scale.

Whether it’s through pre-built connectors or bespoke integrations, Patchworks connects hundreds of the industry’s most popular apps, including Shopify Plus, Magento, NetSuite, Dynamics Business Central, Peoplevox and countless others.


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