Luis Miguel, series 3: who is Patricio Robles in the history of Netflix?


The third season of Luis Miguel is one of the most anticipated by fans. In this installment, Netflix has incorporated more details about the artistic and private life of the ‘Sun’, such as the subject of the disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri. Also, something that has left the public intrigue is the incorporation of a new and colorful character called Patricio robles.

Who would Patricio Robles be in real life?

This new member characterized by the actor Pablo Cruz Guerrero He caused some curiosity among viewers from the moment he made his first appearance, since his strong taste for money and his interference in the life of Luis Miguel has left more than one wondering about who he could be in real life.

After it came to light that the Argentine representative and faithful friend of the ‘Sun’, Hugo López, had colon cancer and after the outcome he had in the third part of the fiction, the Mexican singer’s talent agency decided to place Robles as part of his work team.

Although there has been much speculation about the identity of the new character in real life, the truth is that he does not exist. However, Pablo Cruz Guerrero commented in an interview (via La Verdad Noticias) that Robles would be inspired by several people who worked with Luis Miguel in its golden age.

Among some theories found in social networks, it indicates that Patricio Robles would be based on Mauricio Abaroa, representing the star in 1993, after López passed away.

According to the website of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM), Abaroa has a degree in Architecture and has other studies in Marketing and Finance at Columbia University (United States).

In addition, this new manager had a great impact on Luis Miguel’s life, as he got him to have a collaboration with the acclaimed Frank Sinatra with the song “Come fly with me”.

Who is Carlos Ponce in Luis Miguel?

Mexican actor Carlos Ponce has played Miguel Ángel Magnani, Luis Miguel’s best friend. He has accompanied the ‘Sol de México’ in the most crucial moments of his life.

Who is Humberto in the Luis Miguel series?

Actor Plutarco Haza plays Humberto Robles, who is Luis Miguel’s lawyer. This, throughout the plot helps him to get out of the various legal and economic problems that he had against him.


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