The unusual love story between Paco Stanley and Mónica Durruti, Paul Stanley’s parents


Mexico. Paco Stanley, television host who was murdered in CDMX in June 1999, had a relationship with Mónica Durruti and both conceived Paul Stanley, who stands out as an actor and television presenter.

Paco Stanley, who was 56 years old when he died, and Monica they have their own love story and on several occasions Paul has told it in interviews they have done.

Paul, host of the television program Hoy, has said, for example, that his mother, Monica, was 18 years old when she met Paco, whose full name was Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero and was originally from CDMX.

Paco took Paul’s mother 20 years in age and in the program The last one and we are leaving, the popular actor of soap operas like Amor de barrio and Because love rules, told how his parents fell in love:

“My mom lived in front of her offices on Baja California street, because all my aunts lived in that house and my cousin Christian yelled at my dad: ‘Paco, my aunt is in love with you’, so they got along well with my boss’s assistant.”Paul Stanley in an image of his childhood with his parents Mónica Durruti and the late Paco Stanley. internet photo

Once they formally introduced Paco and his mother, Monica, they were both delighted, but the downside was that Paul’s maternal grandmother did not want her daughter to be romantically involved with Paco. because he was a married man and also because of the difference in their ages.

“He introduced them and my dad, well… My grandmother told him: ‘No, this man, no, he’s married, he has children. I think he was about 15, the same and a little more, but my young mother and , well, she fell madly in love with him,” says Paul Stanley.

And when Mónica found out she was pregnant, she told Paco that with or without his support she was going to have her son and bring it forward: “As far as I know, there was a lot of love,” Paul said in an interview for the YouTube channel. by Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin.

According to information in his biography, Paco Stanley had been married twice. During his first marriage he became the father of a son, who died at a young age, then remarried and had two more children: Francisco Stanley Jr and Leslie Stanley, who do not work in show business.

Paul Stalney is the fourth son of Paco Stanley, who has made his way in the show as an actor and television presenter, his full name is Paul Stanley Durruty, He is 36 years old and is originally from CDMX.

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Paco Stanley died instantly after receiving about 20 shots on the morning of June 7, 1999, after having breakfast with some friends and co-workers, including Mario Bezares and Jorge Gil, at the El Charco de las Ranas restaurant. located in Periferico Sur.


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