Candlelit vigil held for Camberwell nurse Petra Srncova at the park where her body was found


Some 50 people gathered to mourn the tragic death of Camberwell children’s nurse Petra Srncova with a candlelit vigil last Sunday (December 19).

Ms Srncova, 32, a senior nursing assistant at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, was last seen alive at 7.45pm on Sunday, November 28, and was reported missing by a concerned hospital colleague on Friday, December 3.

At 11.40am on December 12, police reported that they had found a body believed to be that of Ms Srncova in Brunswick Park. The Czech foreign minister said police had confirmed it was the Camberwell nurse.

Ms Srncova is not thought to have been murdered. A “special post-mortem” conducted by police “found no evidence of third party involvement,” according to officers.

Courtney Jane, who helped to organise the vigil, said she would like to say to Petra: “You were truly loved by many in your local community.

“We will get the answers for you and your family.

“I hope her family knows we held a vigil for Petra. I wish they were able to attend to see how many people loved her.”

A priest from the nearby St Giles church also spoke at the vigil, saying in prayer: “All those who were close to her, all those who hold her in their hearts, be with her.


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