Petrol Prices: Which UK regions have the least affordable fuel?


Petrol prices are hitting their highest levels on UK record

High fuel prices at the M25 BP Clacket Lane Services petrol station (Graham Larter/GloucestershireLive)
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The North East has the most expensive fuel in the entire UK, new research can reveal.

Residents in the North East currently spend a bigger percentage of their weekly wage on fuel than any other region in the UK, as petrol prices hit their highest level on record.

Motorists in the North East spend £77.93 on a tank of petrol, which – as a percentage of their average weekly wage of £550 – leads to them spending 16 percent more of their wage on fuel than the average UK resident, and 47 percent more than people in London, the area where petrol is most affordable.

The study, conducted by energy experts Boiler Central, used new ONS and RAC data on regional wages and petrol prices to discover which area of the UK is spending the most on fuel.


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