What happened to Pitbull, the famous rapper who sang the official theme of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?


Armando Christian Pérez, better known by his stage name, pitbull, gained more popularity worldwide with his song “I know you want me”. After that, the rapper collaborated with other musical artists and even sang the official song of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil together with Jennifer López and Claudia Leitte.

Years later, the ‘Mr. Worldwide’, as he also calls himself, released his eleventh record album, which was not as successful as the previous ones. In addition, she canceled her presentation at the final of Miss Universe 2021; Since then, her followers have not heard her famous “dale” again. Next, we tell you what the rapper does.

What does Pitbull currently do?

The interpreter of “We are one”, official song of the 2014 Brazil World, “Feel this moment”, “Fireball” and other musical themes has not completely moved away from singing, since at the beginning of 2022 he collaborated with IAmChino for the song “Discoteca”. He also released his own compositions “Party of a lifetime” and “Café con leche”, only on audio, last August.

On the other hand, through his social networks, he shares his entertaining interviews on various foreign television programs and also promotes his tour Can’t stop us now, Summer Tour 2022, which includes the participation of Iggy Azalea and Sean Paul. This name has been used for one of his songs that premiered on his YouTube channel in May 2022.

After launching his collaborations, Pitbull has shown his followers that he has not neglected music, as many imagined his retirement from the stage after having canceled his show at the final of Miss Universe 2021 at the last minute and having been replaced by Luis Fonsi.

Pitbull shares his musical performances with his followers. Photo: Pitbull/Instagram

Rumors of his disappearance from music gained more strength when it was confirmed that the premiere of his eleventh record production called “Libertad 548” in 2019 did not have the same success as the previous ones.

How did Pitbull start his music career?

After the Cuban-rooted singer-songwriter finished high school in Miami, he decided to focus entirely on hip hop. In 2004, he released his first album MIAMI and with the song “C ***”, with which he made the whole world dance. A year later, he shared the stage with Ivy Queen, Héctor ‘El bambino’ and Daddy Yankee at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

In 2006, he presented his second record production “El Mariel”, which was dedicated to his father who passed away that same year. Since then, Pitbull began releasing collaborations with Lloyd, Carlos Ponce, Olga Tañon, Ken-Y and Trina, who were the first artists to duet with the Cuban-American.

Enrique Iglesias announced his international tour with Pitbull and Prince Royce. Photo: The Fat and the Skinny/YouTube

The album “Rebelution” in 2008, which included “I know you want me” and “Hotel room service”, led him to receive his first awards in the music industry. Three years later, Enrique Iglesias made his “Euphoria” tour and featured Pitbull and Prince Royce.

His worldwide fame led him to sing the song of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, along with Jennifer López and Claudia Leitte. While, in 2016, thanks to his album “Dale”, Pitbull won a Grammy in the category for best Latin album; In addition, he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for contributing to music and its impact on society and people’s lives.

In 2016, Pitbull receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Photo: Pitbull/Instagram

What was the last song Pitbull released?

In October 2019, Pitbull released the song “I want to know”, which was developed in collaboration with Prince Royce and Ludacris. Subsequently, it was not known about the musical projects that the renowned artist had.

What awards has Pitbull won in his career?

As far as his musical career is concerned, Pitbull has countless awards and recognitions for his successful songs. Among the most recent is the Billboard Latin Music Awards in the Tour of the Year category, which was awarded to the eccentric singer along with Enrique Iglesias.

What was Pitbull’s first nomination?

Pitbul’s career began in the early 2000s, but it wasn’t until 2008 that he received his first award nomination. He was at the Teen Choice Awards event, where he was nominated for the Rap/Hip-Hop Track category, for his musical work The Anthem.

What movies does Pitbull appear in?

The famous singer Pitbull has participated in some movies, but not as an actor, but from dubbing and production. In 2013 he had a brief role as a frog in the animated film Epic. Later, he would be called to produce the tape “Puerto Ricans in Paris”.

What is Pitbull’s most popular song?

Pitbull has several hits in the music industry, but there was one that captured millions of views on YouTube and other platforms. It turns out that the theme, which was composed in conjunction with the artist “Ke $ ha”, managed to pass the billion figure a few years ago, thus becoming his most viral theme.

What superhero movie is Pitbull in?

Pitbull was part of the soundtrack that was present in the DC film Aquaman, where he composed the Ocean To Ocean soundtrack alongside Rhea.

The time Pitbull and Jlo sang together at the opening of the 2014 World Cup

Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Brazil’s Claudia Leitte perform at the 2014 World Cup Opening Ceremony from Sao Paolo, Brazil. The three stars performed the Pit-originated song “We Are One (Ole Ola).”


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