Presenter: Siddy Holloway Wikipedia and Biography, How Old Is She?


Siddy Holloway, the Secrets of The London Underground presenter, does not have a Wikipedia biography. But from here, you’ll get to know her even better.

Siddy Holloway is a journalist and actress based in The United Kingdom. She is known for the docuseries; Secrets of The London Underground.

UKTV Presenter: Siddy Holloway’s Wikipedia & Biography

According to IMDB, Siddy Holloway has worked in movies like; Regina (2001), Job Interview (2016), and Close to the Sun (2019).

She lacks a Wikipedia biography, however, most of her professional career has been mentioned on LinkedIn.

As per her profile, she is currently an Engagement Manager at London Transport. She had joined the firm in March 2017.

Siddy has also been working as a voice-over artist for more than six years now.

She had joined the UKTV in February 2021, where she presented Secrets of The London Underground.

The multitalented artist, Holloway graduated with a BA degree from Rose Bruford College. She is an expert in the Spanish language and literature.

Additionally, she is also a fluent speaker of  Danish and Icelandic.

Siddy Holloway’s Age: How Old Is She?

Siddy Holloway’s age lies in the range from 25 to 30. Although we lack her age details, she reportedly celebrates her birthday on November 2.

According to astrology, she belongs to the Scorpio sign. People born under the sun sign are very passionate and hard-working.

Holloway is actually from Iceland and her birth name is Sigurbjörg Alma Ingólfsdóttir.

At the age of 20, she moved to the UK to travel and pursue her career as an actress.

Is Siddy Holloway Married? Husband Or Partner Details

Siddy Holloway could be married or single, she has not officially announced the name of her husband or partner.

However, if we explore her Instagram, she is seen close to Will Udall.

At the professional level, Holloway was partnered with presenter Tim Dunn. They have worked together in the Secrets of The London Underground.

Nonetheless, we are unable to gather details on her love life.

Holloway is active on Instagram with the handle name @siddyholloway. Her profile has gathered more than 8 thousand followers till today.

Siddy Holloway’s Salary And Net Worth In 2022

Siddy Holloway’s net worth is expected to be more than $1 million in 2022.

She has multiple sources of earning, from acting to as a voice artist and a presenter as well.

The average salary for a Television Presenter in the United Kingdom is £37500, reports payscale. Her salary must be somewhere in the given figures.


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