PriceSpy have launched a new price comparison service which is available at or via the PriceSpy App for Android and iOS. It enables online shoppers to search for more than 116,000 consumer products across a wide range of categories, and receive instant, independent prices and product comparisons drawn from almost 500 Irish online shops, as well as thousands of international shops.

PriceSpy users can also access reviews and ratings from other shoppers along with detailed product specifications before clicking directly to the retailer website for purchasing.

Lorna Barker, senior marketing manager for PriceSpy in Ireland and the UK, said, “Irish people love a good deal, and the success of other online comparison sites really backs this up.  Already, Irish shoppers are well used to comparing flights, insurance, utilities and financial services online.  While consumer goods price comparison websites have been used for years by savvy online shoppers around the world, until now, a truly effective service has not been available in Ireland. PriceSpy is here to change that with the most comprehensive pricing and product comparison information available in the market, helping shoppers easily find the right product, from the right shop at the right price – effectively enabling something we simply call shopping intelligence.”

PriceSpy includes extensive search and filtering tools which mean shoppers can ‘PriceSpy’ what they’re looking for at a detailed level. For example, they could specify the weight, size and colour of a laptop, and get served results leading to the best prices available among the shops listed, specifically against those choice parameters.

Another key aspect of PriceSpy is the independent approach it takes to serving up search results, and the full transparency it provides to the end user.
According to Barker, “We source prices directly from the retailers and update the data several times a day so that we’re listing the most accurate and up to date information possible. What is most important is that our listings are presented in a ‘lowest price first’ order. With PriceSpy there is no way for retailers to ‘pay their way’ to the top of our listings, so our users can be 100% confident we are providing them with the fairest price comparisons available at all times.

“Our goal is to become the most trusted source of  comparison information and opinion on consumer products, and our hope is that when someone is shopping for a product their first port of call will be to ‘PriceSpy it’, just as people ‘Google it’ when looking for general information, or ‘Hailo it’ when they need a taxi!”  

The website and mobile service are free to use. Shoppers can become free members of the service and receive additional benefits, such as price alerts and the ability to create product lists, where they can save their favourite product searches and best price options they have found.
The PriceSpy mobile App also includes the ability to scan bar codes from products whilst shopping in-store and search for a better online price on the spot.


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