Pumpkin carver spends up to 27 hours creating incredible designs


Many of the images are inspired by film and TV

Jamie Jones, also known as the ‘Pumpkin Freak’, spends up to 27 hours on each pumpkin, to create spectacular pieces of art.

The 36-year-old, from Chester, manages to create the sculptures without actually breaking the surface of the pumpkins.

Instead the dad-of-two shaves ultra-thin layers off the surface of pumpkins allowing varying amounts of light to shine through.

This means when they are lit up, stunning drawings are revealed.

His pumpkins feature drawings of TV and film characters like Predator, Mickey Mouse and Beetlejuice.

Media salesman Jamie, from Chester, Cheshire, said: “I play around with light and it works really effectively.

“I shave the surface so thin and I have to be really careful not to go through.

“It can take me 27 hours to do each one because if you make a mistake then that’s it – the whole thing is ruined.

“Most people don’t realise what is possible with pumpkins. It takes a huge amount of patience to do something like this.

“You have got to have a lot of commitment. I come home from work and spend three or four hours a night on them.”

Jamie has been carving pumpkins for several years but only recently decided to take things to the next level.

He creates bespoke designs for local businesses and event organisers at Halloween.

First he draws his chosen design and then chisels out and delicately shaves off the pumpkin’s fragile outer shell.

To stop the pumpkins from rotting away, Jamie seals the surfaces with a spray and protective resin so they last a few weeks.

Jamie said: “When I show people for the first time they are blown away.

“They are so much better than your bog-standard pumpkins but are so much more complex.

“It’s really good fun and I genuinely enjoy it.


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