Punching Above It’s Weight – Our Editor Reviews the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV


Ease of Setting Up

This was one of those occasions where we would normally have bought a little disposable BBQ to save the effort of dragging any of the big kit out – so it stacked up pretty well and we were impressed. Putting it together was an absolute breeze, no hassle at all, and the variety of surfaces (pot stand, flat iron griddle, BBQ grid and even a lid that turns over to be used as a wok) was more impressive than we’d expected, and frankly it all fits into a small bag. Stick the legs on, plug in a tiny gas cylinder, use the piezo ignition button and that’s cooking sorted.

Easier, in fact, than standing there like an idiot repeatedly relighting the ‘instant’ BBQs after the wind blew it out (and who hasn’t been there)

Indeed, boat owners, long fans of the pontoon boat grill, would do well to check this out.

Space and Capacity

The Party Grill barely takes up more space than a gas canister hob, which we often take camping to save on space, but offers a lot more versatility – and in our view, with a built in pot stand, it’s a lot safer, will certainly do that job and a whole lot more besides – but how does a small party grill stack up as a portable BBQ?

Admittedly, there is only the two of us and space was never going to be a challenge on a BBQ for two. It certainly wasn’t facing a mighty feast but the Party Grill had far more space than we needed and it would easily handle 4 burgers, 4 sausages and maybe some chicken wings quite easily – although we cheated, teaming it with an induction hob to fry some onions. It would probably cope fine with a smaller family’s needs and anyway, it is the smallest in the range.

Ease of Packing Away

Of course, when you are camping, packing up is as important as pitching and here’s where this nifty little grill really came into it’s own. Unlike the BBQ or the Cadac Carri Chef, a quick wash and it’s non stick surface is spotlessly clean and packed away, clean, hassle free and very easy. So easy in fact, that it’s probably the most logical thing to use outdoors when we are partying on our own (and during lockdown, that’s been our only option).

So, test complete – did the Party Grill make it into our new cut down kit for 2021?

The Verdict?

In the words of an ‘x’ factor judge – “it’s a yes from me!”

This one is definitely 5 stars out of 5 and we’ll certainly pack it regularly as a replacement for the canister hob – because it just offers so many options for such little space. If it’s just the two of us, we’ll be leaving the Cadac at home too.

This is just so useful in so many ways – clean, easy, safe – we loved it and it totally surpassed our expectations. I suspect it may also get a few more outings in the garden too.

I still love my Cobb and my Cadac – but this offers amazing versatility for the price, highly recommended and a great bit of kit that you won’t regret making room for.


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