Range Desserts Offers A Manchester First With Its Sell-Out ‘Fried Oreo’


Range Desserts Manchester has added the ultimate dessert to its menu, the ‘Fried Oreo’, as the success of the dessert shop continues to climb. 

With dessert shops across Manchester in Cheetham Hill, Whalley Range and Levenshulme, Range Desserts, known for its indulgent desserts, has struggled to keep up with demand after adding the fried delight to its extensive menu.

The Fried Oreo is already a firm favourite of customers, so much so that Range Desserts has also added fried Bounty, Toffee Crisp and Ferrero Rocher to the menu.

Partners, Arfan & Asim Choudhry, opened their first branch in 2019 in Whalley Range, where the inspiration for the name, Range Desserts came from.

A lightbulb moment saw Asim look towards setting up a dessert restaurant. After years of being in the food industry, Asim was noticing a change in consumer buying habits, and realising a gap in Manchester for fresh desserts available via Delivery, Range Desserts was born.

The business has since gone from strength to strength with Range Desserts continuing to expand across Manchester, with 2 new branches opening this Summer, in Irlam & Manchester city centre.

The dessert restaurant attributes part of the businesses success to OrderYOYO, a platform which allows restaurants and takeaway owners to grow their business using a new approach to online food ordering.

The OrderYOYO platform which has seen the business save 10% of it’s weekly gross on not using other takeaway platforms, which take a percentage of takings per order, the platform allows business owners to have their own personalised ordering system, offering them the set-up they need to succeed online, whilst also increasing the turnover of the business.

Using the proven platform, OrderYOYO, the service supported Asim during the peak of the pandemic.

Asim said, “During the pandemic was when we took advantage of the benefits that using OrderYOYO has. It was like a god send for us because we could do kerbside pick ups via the app and we could do covid friendly delivery to their car. That meant that I didn’t need to have people on the phone taking orders, it made it a lot simpler.”

Range Desserts prides itself on all of the desserts being fresh everyday with fresh cookie dough, fresh belgian waffles, fresh smoothies & shakes, sundaes and then the popular Fried Oreo, all which are available to order daily from the restaurants five branches.


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