Rapper Sharpey Major spotted with mystery beauty as he moves into the world of film


Famed local rapper Sharpey Major has made a move into the world of film and he seems to have caught the eye of a mystery beauty.

The Essex star is set to appear in feature film 24 Little Hours in which he acts during a warehouse scene whilst the rapper is also reported to have supplied the soundtrack and music for the film.

Sharpey attended the premiere of 24 Little Hours with the mystery beauty who is thought to be a model – whilst she smoldered in a white dress, Sharpey styled with white jeans and a black tshirt.

Sharpey who has had a big 2018 which saw him open the stage for US-star Ray J during  a gig in Camden will be hoping to find the same success in the world of film. He told us “I liked working with the team during the filming of 24 Little Hours and I cant wait to get the feedback in from everyone once they watch it”.

Sharpey’s hit tracks including Money Money, Big Town and Get Down are featured in the film.

In the film that sees a vengeful ex-con go on a 24 hour killing spree, Sharpey appears as a bad guy in a warehouse scene in which he gets killed but his music lives on throughout the film.

Sharpey was at the weekend pictured in Romford at the premiere of 24 Little Hours were he joined cast and crew, the rapper seems unstoppable as 2018 comes to and end!

24 Little Hours is directed by Paul Knight and features actors  Kris Johnson (Black Site), Fiona Skinner (Taboo), Danny Midwinter (The Bromley Boys) and Marc Bannerman!


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