Remember Devil Finger from CBBC’s Stupid!? Here’s what he’s up to nowadays…


Who can forget the infamous Devil Finger skit? A crazed young boy and his possessed index finger rallied ’round prodding unfortunate victims…yeah. 

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Devil Finger boy, and whether he’s managed to tame his demonic digit? Well he’s all grown up now, fronting an incredible indie soul band, The Bright Black.

Devil Finger, more formally known as Travis Yates, is the frontman of a Manchester-based band bringing a new flavour to the indie music scene. Their infectiously dynamic hybrid of indie and soul oozes sex appeal, instantly radiating hip swaying vibes, and their latest single is no exception.

Released exclusively on the bands page Facebook, ‘Midnight’ is the perfect anthem for your next night out! Featuring the usual funky tones, the song encompasses a carefree, stay-out late, no regrets vibe.

The four-piece band consists of Travis Yates’ sultry vocals, Ryan Flanagan on guitar, infectious rhythms courtesy of bassist Sam Tetlow and Harry Harrison’s hypnotic drumming.

Since their inception in late 2016 the boys have been carving their name into the heart of Manchester’s indie music scene with a sound too diverse to confine to just one genre.

The Bright Black’s elastic conceptualising of an alternative sound that remains authentic brings around a whole new vibe, ticking all the boxes from glam and funk to soul and rock.


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