Remote Work Tips for Procrastination Minds


Working from home has been a life-changing experience for so many people. Many reported being more productive and having a better work-life balance. But what about everyone else who either struggles with working too much to get burnt out or employees who need structure and tend to spend a lot of their time procrastinating?

For some people, it can be difficult to divide their personal and professional lives when they are working from the same space or sharing a flat with other people.

So, if you’re ready to take control of your schedule and beat procrastination, we’ve got your back. We’ve searched high and low and compiled the best tips to help you reach that work-life balance that seems out-of-reach for anyone who has ever worked remotely.

Take Regular Breaks

It’s all about a balance between being focused and having regular breaks. Sometimes we tend to overwork ourselves to the point we cannot be productive because we are burnt out.

This is why it’s essential to take scheduled breaks. Some employees tend to have longer lunch breaks, while others choose to have multiple breaks of 5–10 minutes during the work day. Our tip is to do something fun on your break that is not related to work.

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Find The Reason

Many people don’t feel the pressure or the need to complete their work tasks on time as others do. If you don’t have a good to-do list or calendar and feel overwhelmed, you might procrastinate because you don’t know how to deal with that issue.

But, many also procrastinate productively by spending more time on LinkedIn networking or engaging in group discussions.

So, if you know the reason, you can create a workaround for it. For example, if you spend a lot of time scrolling through Facebook, you can put your smartphone away or in another room or even use applications such as Digital Detox, which will block social media apps.

Also, suppose you find yourself procrastinating when you feel overwhelmed. In that case, you can concentrate on communicating the boundaries or using better time management and organizational applications such as Trello, which is helpful when juggling multiple projects.

Separate Work Area

Many procrastinate because they don’t have clear boundaries or a separate space free of distractions. This is why it’s essential to have your little nook, even if it’s in the same room where you have noise-canceling headphones, documents, notebooks, and even snacks, so you reduce any downtime. When you have a dedicated work area, staying productive and having a work-life balance is always easier.


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