Review: White & Co, Battersea Power Station In London


White & Co have launched a new premium dental and aesthetics practice located within the innovative Battersea Power Station development.

The revitalisation of the Battersea Power Station has reincarnated the southwest neighbourhood from a relatively unconnected area of London to an accessible part of the city. From the string of new bars and restaurants, the new complex also includes some of the finest healthcare offerings, including the arrival of White & Co.

A boutique collection of premium dental practices located in some of London’s most iconic and affluent communities, White & Co fits in nicely to the neighbourhood, which is now home to Apple and the nearby American Embassy to name a few. Away from the pharmaceutical and sterile environment that many dental practices offer, instead the stylish White & Co group offer a luxurious and homely setting with a confident, friendly team who offer a spread of pioneering treatments.

White & Co’s highly trained experts are on hand to give you the smile you have always wanted by paving the way forward in dentistry with the latest technology and pioneering equipment. They do this with treatments that span across general and cosmetic dentistry, from teeth straightening and facial aesthetics, offering what they describe as ‘life-changing treatments to help you experience your perfect smile.’

I visited the plush southwest London destination to give their popular teeth whitening treatment a go – perfect for anyone looking to refresh teeth that may be slightly stained from years of drinking tea, coffee or red wine. With the use of Enlighten Smiles whitening in the chair (plus home whitening), the treatment removed discolouration, to refresh and rejuvenate my smile with the use of trays that were created for my mouth.

One of White & Co’s most popular treatments is Invisalign, the modern-day teeth straitening method that is revolutionising smiles globally. For many, this means that gone are the days of the clunky train tracks as Invisalign offers a new smile with the use of removable, clear plastic Invisalign aligners. Described as the world’s most advanced aligner technology, today many adults are investing in this pioneering treatment that realigns crowded, misplaced, gappy and crooked teeth in the most subtle way.

With the use of ‘Invisible’ aligners which are changed once a week (or once a fortnight), and slowly move your teeth towards their perfect position, the clear, removable aligners are tailor-made to fit snugly over teeth. What is great about this treatment is that most people will have no idea you are wearing the bespoke trays, and you can take them out for things like eating, brushing your teeth and even drinking alcohol.

These trays are created with White & Co’s ground breaking iTero 3D digital scanner. Enabling the team to scan every inch of your mouth and showcase a 3D image of what the outcome will be, aka the ‘Invisalign outcome simulator’ – it also demonstrates how your teeth will progress each week with the trays.

The four steps of Invisalign include what they coin as a ‘smile consultation’, followed by a dental assessment which assesses oral health to make sure it is the best it can be before safely starting Invisalign treatment. You can then start wearing your bespoke aligners, progressing from one set of bespoke aligners to another whilst watching your teeth become progressively straighter.

Should you want to take further action to perfect your smile under the best capable hands, then White & Co also offer dental implants. An alternative to dentures or to replace a missing tooth, their specialist oral surgeon can help you to stop feeling anxious about any missing teeth you may be suffering with. They do this by placing a titanium implant underneath the gum to act as a root to support a perfect, brand new tooth. A dental crown individually engineered to perfectly blend in with an existing smile, dental implants can last for many years if you follow the advice of your oral surgeon to take care of your new smile.

White & Co increases dentistry expectations taking the overall experience to a new, luxurious level. Also offering their patients treatments including porcelain veneers, gumline recontouring, and dermal fillers to general hygiene and examinations; the other two practices in the group can be found nearby on Battersea Rise or in West Wickham.


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