Lord’s Court residents reveal the horror of Sheila Seleoane’s death 


Fighting tears, a neighbour tells the News she feels guilty for not climbing into the flat to get Sheila’s body out, even though she had no idea she’d died at the time

Residents of a Nunhead housing block where a dead woman was left in her flat for over two years have spoken of their “shock” and “trauma”. 

Sheila Seleoane, 58, was discovered by police in February 2022, years after neighbours first warned housing association Peabody about her welfare.

At the inquest into her death in July 2022, the coroner said the tragedy “was difficult to fathom” and Peabody apologised for “not joining the dots”.

Neighbours first told Peabody about a “foul” smell engulfing their block in September 2019 but the trust failed to take action. 

Corrina Whyte, 33, a mother-of-seven who has lived at Lord’s Court since 2006 said: “I’ve been traumatised. In the whole block you had maggots and bluebottles. They were coming from everywhere. It was horrendous.”

Over the following years, worried residents repeatedly raised concerns with the housing association about the welfare of Sheila. 

They reported that letters were wedged in Sheila’s letterbox, that she had gone missing, and pleaded with police to check on the medical assistant.


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