Sting and Dominic Miller pick out their favourite Beatles songs


In a less culturally significant aftershock of The Beatles’ success in the 1960s, The Police gained popularity in the late 1970s and into the ’80s across five highly successful albums. While few comparisons can be made between the music of The Beatles and that of The Police, frontman Sting once explained the gigantic debt he owed to the Fab Four for his own success as a musician.

When Sting first heard The Beatles in his youth, he felt a deeper connection than most with the group. During a 2021 interview with collaborator Dominic Miller and YouTube personality Rick Beato, Sting explained that he shared a very similar cultural background to The Beatles. “I’m glad you mentioned the Beatles because the reason I’m a musician is because of the Beatles,” Sting said. “They were from Liverpool, I was from Newcastle; both port towns in the north of England – working class. They had the same education as me, I went to grammar school; they were scholarship boys. Smart working-class kids.”

In another discussion during a radio appearance last year, Sting remembered the first time he heard Liverpool’s finest. “I remember being in the changing room, and the radio came on, ‘Love Me Do,’” Sting remembered. “There was something about the simplicity of that song, the harmonies of McCartney and Lennon singing together, the very simple tune in the bar bass line, and the harmonica part.”

“It was a bit like the Elvis Presley excitement,” he added. “‘This is something new. This is something completely revolutionary, and it will change my life.’”

Continuing to discuss the influence of The Beatles on his career with Miller and Beato, Sting said: “[The Beatles] conquered the world with their own songs, and therefore gave permission to a younger generation, a decade younger, to try the same thing [and think] ‘Oh we’ll try that, I know those four chords – I could do that, probably’. And we all tried. We owe a lot to the Beatles, they really were an amazing influence on all of our lives.”

Later in the conversation, Beato asked the two musicians the all-important question: What’s your favourite Beatles song? Exhaling under the strain of such a difficult question, Sting said: “[There are] hundreds of them… ‘Blackbird’… ‘Penny Lane’.”

Miller then assertively picked out the dramatic Sgt Pepper closer, ‘A Day In The Life’, as his favourite, describing the beauty of its distinct phases that perfectly merge the styles associated with Paul McCartney and John Lennon.


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