Strongly Recommended SaaS Products For Your Startup in 2021


SaaS – A New Concept in Computing

Software as a Service (SaaS) is essentially a subscription-based web application hosted on an online server. One needs only a stable internet connection to utilize all the benefits of a well-designed SaaS product – no added substructure or workforce is required. Not to mention they can be accessed from anywhere in the whole world just as well as from the comfort of your own home.

“Software as a Service” is a software arrangement model whereby a seller hosts applications over a common network, such as the Internet. SaaS is an alternative to the more common software distribution model, SaaP (Software as a Product), where software is bought from a retailer and then downloaded and installed on an individual device.

How it Works

SaaS is related to ASP (Application Server Providers) but allow businesses to conduct easier and less expensive IT management processes. With ASP, a business can buy a license for an application and pay a third party to control the managing and hosting feature. With SaaS, a company can rent the license for a special application from sellers as needed. Shifting accountability into the hands of that seller, having them handles all logistical features of a given software.

SaaS Benefits and Products For Your Startup

Below, we will discuss both pros and cons of SaaS as a whole. Providing you with strongly recommended products throughout the process.

SaaS Benefits

There are many benefits to SaaS including:

  • Quick Access and Deployment

The software does not have to be downloaded onto all computers. Rather, it is accessible from the Internet.

  • Scalability

As a company grows up, it needs quick scalability or added systems to process the extra workload. With SaaS, scalability can be done in a rapid and seamless manner without impacting the application’s normal operations.

  • Low Cost

Companies do not have to pay thousands of dollars on purchasing software, licensing, or training. The majority of SaaS applications can be covered by monthly subscriptions. This permits smaller businesses to have access to the practicality of software, that in the past, could only be easily afforded by giants of the industry.

  • Centralized Technical Support

As the seller handles the management and system reparation of the software, there is less of a need for an IT department. Likewise, the supplier handles all software updates.

Strongly Recommended SaaS Products

  1. Virtual Gurus
  2. Twist
  3. Freshdesk
  4. Apify
  5. Adobe Stock
  6. AWeber
  7. AWS


Along with the benefits, there are some drawbacks to SaaS:

  • Security

As a common supplier is hosting software for multiple companies, sensitive information security is a concern. Will companies have visibility over each other’s documents or sensitive data? What precautions are in place to forbid this from happening? Can hackers enter the provider’s central database? All of these questions and any additional concerns about SaaS should be asked before a SaaS provider is decided.

  • No Internal Control Over Data

With a stranger running the company, it’s essential to know what will happen should things go awry. Be sure that your SaaS supplier has someone available at all times to handle any problems.

  • Requires an Internet Connection

Every business has an Internet connection, making SaaS product accessibility not an issue for most. Should the Internet go down during a busy workday is when worries start to bubble up. Will the company stop working completely? Is there a way to back up important client information? A company should have a plan in place to avoid setbacks like this.


Will the usage of SaaS products benefit your company? Weigh the positives and negatives carefully. SaaS can be the best way to jump-start a company by otherwise unaffordable leasing software. However, SaaS solutions look to be a good option for software and data delivery. Ultimately, every entity is different, so the right decision should be made with people, planning, and organizational wellbeing in mind.


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