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Few nations do it better than Italy when it comes to stylish dressing. Indeed, Italian men are considered by many to be the best-dressed gentlemen on the planet.

“Made in Italy” clothes are synonymous with class, quality, and top-notch craftsmanship. It is easy to spot Italian men in a crowd because their style is instantly recognisable due to the many quirks they incorporate into their outfits. Below is a style guide on how to dress like an Italian Man.

●    Always Wear Blazers

Italian men always look so formal, irrespective of the weather. This reality is because a well-dressed Italian man almost always wears a blazer, whether he is wearing jeans, chinos, or shorts.

You can ensure your blazer is well-fitting by obtaining the perfect fit across the shoulders. It shouldn’t be too snug or too loose. Opt for blazers without shoulder pads for a better fit since this addition is something you will hardly see in an Italian man’s blazer. You can purchase a good, well-fitting blazer at many men’s designer sales, helping you to find a stunning design that won’t break the bank.

●    Don’t Shy Away From Accessorising

Accessories are a common feature of the Italian man’s classic outfit, so you should always dress with a few tactfully placed accessories to steal their look.

Italian men often wear three primary accessories: a noticeable watch, statement ring, and leather bracelet. These accessories come in different varieties, so you can use them in distinct ways to make your look unique. However, it is essential to note that over-accessorising isn’t the goal of Italian fashion. Therefore, wear only one ring if you decide to wear a watch and bracelet. Similarly, stick to minimal wrist decoration if you intend to wear a ring on each hand for balance.

●    Wear Loafers

A stunning pair of loafers are almost always present at the feet of any stylish and modern Italian man. Loafers are an easy and practical way to add an exotic vibe to nearly every outfit. Therefore, invest in quality loafers in colours like rich rust red, tan, black, and dark brown. You can even purchase socks in rich shades of green, red, and orange if you aren’t comfortable wearing shoes without them.

Loafers are truly versatile and can be paired with any outfit. But, when purchasing your shoes, remember to look for the all-important “Made in Italy” label to guarantee quality.

●    Work Within A Restricted Colour Palette

Italian gentlemen are so recognisable that it is easy to think that this is because of the loud clothes they wear. However, most of them do the opposite, choosing to dress in subdued shades instead of bright colours. The classic Italian colour palette involves light and neutral shades like pale blue, white, and sand. The trick is to blend or combine these colours uniquely. Dressing like this will help you cut a classic and sharp figure at any event, irrespective of how formal it is.

●    Be Playful With Pocket Square Styling

Italians are highly skilled at styling their pocket squares in an elegant but playful way, just like their scarves. The trick here is to make your pocket square look as natural as possible instead of obsessing over precise or neat folding. You can achieve this look by simply inverting a puff fold, one of the simplest folds to master. Alternatively, you can simply lay out your pocket square flat, pick it up from the centre, and push it into your jacket pocket.

●    Wear 1970s Style Glasses

Italy is widely known for its craft skills in manufacturing leather goods and clothing. However, the country also deserves more credit for its excellence in eyewear production. Indeed, some of the world’s most famous optical brands like Roberto Cavalli, Persol, Tavat, Hapter, and Blackfin hail from Italy. You can opt for eyewear with large frames evocative of the 1970s to complete your outfit, just like Italian men do. A pair of bold shades are necessary to your look, whether it is a pair of classic aviators or metal frames.


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