Tapes Or No Tapes For Blinds?


Thinking of going for blinds for your windows or taped wooden blinds? Have you considered getting blinds with tapes or without them? For those unaware of what tapes mean specifically when it comes to blinds, they are vertical strips of cotton that hide the internal strings of the blinds. Although tapes for blinds are experiencing an increase in adoption rates in recent years, opinions regarding it remain divisive, and rightfully so. The most prevalent argument is that the tapes actually break up the uniform and clean look of the horizontal slats, while some feel that it looks more organized overall with the cords being hidden away from the plain eye. Let us examine the strengths and downsides of existing styles that may help inform you of your final decision.

As mentioned, tapes are usually made from cotton material and come in a variety of colors and designs to meet the demands of homeowners who are looking to elevate the visuals of their homes. Some popular combinations of blinds and tapes are the usual matching or complementary colors, as well as contrasting colors. Pairing dark-colored tapes against the pure white blinds are an eye-catching and striking combination that is loved by many homeowners who seek to make a style statement out of their choice of window coverings. 

The Tape Dilemma

Are you torn between getting tapes or leaving them out of the equation altogether? Well, it is truly a tough decision and the only thing we would say regarding this is to decide based on your own personal tastes and liking. Blinds with tapes are certainly all the rage in recent years, partly due to many homeowners flexing their perfectly matching white blinds and tapes of their homes on social media. As the tapes are made of cotton fabric, they actually add another texture to the blinds which are quite the trendy look nowadays. Lastly, the tapes are capable of hiding all the internal cords of the blinds, which may be distracting and messy to the eyes. This results in a much tidier and clean look, which minimalists may dig. 

Conversely, advocates of no-tapes argue that the slats of blinds look better without the presence of tapes. The tapes also give the illusion that the blinds look much narrower than they actually are. It is advisable to avoid tapes if you have small windows to prevent amplifying that. Cotton usually wears out quite easily and requires cleaning more frequently than the blinds themselves; it is quite a downside for those short on time.

See it for yourself before buying

This decision of getting or not getting tapes for your blinds requires much consideration because it is literally a whole commitment. Be warned, once you choose to get blinds with tapes, it is nearly impossible to remove the tapes on its own from the blinds. They become part of the blinds that hold the slats in place, and forcefully removing the tapes may damage the blinds instead. 

To avoid such a situation, it is recommended that you take advantage of any free sample service from your contractor or the shopping site and request to see the combination of tapes and slats you are interested in. This allows you to better visualize your choice of tapes and blinds in your own home, which will really guide you into making a decision you are less likely to regret. Our advice is to consider having tapes on blinds in rooms where you want a more relaxing and softer vibe, such as your bedroom. The tapes also serve as decor on its own, allowing one to express themselves and designing a room that suits their tastes.   

Number of tapes to buy

The cotton tapes are created with the intention of supporting the main Venetian slats specifically so that the slats will not sag or bow due to their own weight. In order to find out the number of cotton tapes you should order, you can check out any blinds product page and enter your window size measurements. Then, try to find a Measurement Check section  This section is usually in most sites selling blinds and it provides very important information on the number of tapes and spacing across the blind. Now you just need to make sure that you measure your window size correctly. 

If you are more of a visual person and find images and pictures helpful in guiding your decision process, then you may want to search the web for wooden blinds with tapes. Certain sites have great resource pages with all the combinations of tape and slat they have available for sale.

Popular combinations include real wood beech with hessian tapes which is perfect for anyone into the light and airy vibes. For those seeking to cover your bay window, you can do no wrong with wooden blinds with tapes thanks to this combination’s close resemblance to shutters. 

Despite discussing so much about blinds with tapes, there are many instances where blinds work perfectly fine as a window covering without the tapes. It is really all about one’s taste and preferences when it comes to adding on tapes to blinds. For large windows, sometimes, just the plain blinds on their own are just simply a good enough look for subdued and minimalistic vibes.


It is highly recommended that one takes their own sweet time to make ample considerations when they wish to get blinds with tapes. This is because they should keep in mind that the tapes cannot be removed from the blinds if they opt for them as a set. The tapes become integral to the blinds’ mechanism and there is no proper way to separate them without damaging the blinds. In such a case, it is extremely wasteful to spend money to remove the existing blinds with tapes and spend even more to get blinds to replace it just because of the tapes.

If you find yourself being indecisive, consider contacting the blinds sellers or interior designers for some professional and insider perspectives on your dilemma. Ultimately, it is important that you are happy with your choice and purchase. 


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