The 40 best male role models


A string of sporting heroes, Hollywood actors and high-profile figures have all taken a backseat in a study of male role models – which was topped by dear old dad.

A poll of UK men found one in four named their father as their top role model, ahead of Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali and Bobby Moore.

Men also voted their grandad into third place, with Winston Churchill the only famous figure to rank higher.

Brothers and best friends didn’t fare so well, with men more likely to idolise Tom Hanks, Prince William and Morgan Freeman than their sibling or closest mate.

Dads also beat Game of Thrones hero Jon Snow – and even the Pope to claim top spot.

Ex-world heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali, tennis legend Roger Federer and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson also appeared in the top 10.

Other popular male role models to feature in the list include the late, great David Bowie, Olympic champion Mo Farah, actor Denzel Washington and Barcelona icon Lionel Messi.

The study was commissioned by Gillette to launch #MyRoleModel, a campaign which celebrates fathers and recognises other important role models who help shape and make men be the best they can be.

Ian Wright, who worked with Gillette, said: “This Father’s Day I’m grateful to the men who helped me become who I am today.

“These men encouraged me to be the best I can be and I enjoy the responsibility that comes with being a role model and passing on what I’ve learned to the next generation, whether that’s my children, my community or some of the footballers I speak to who are now experiencing what I did in my professional career.

“I always encourage them to be the best version of themselves, no matter what that may be.”

The results showed differences between the generations with older men LESS likely to idolise a friend or relative than a celebrity.

Although five times as many over-55s voted for 1966 World Cup winner Sir Bobby Moore than those aged 18-24.

And while one in three of the younger males named their dad as a role model, just one in four men aged 55 and above said the same.

When it comes to what makes a good role model, almost half of British men cited honesty as a top trait while 40 per cent look for strong values.

These attributes ranked higher than wealth and ambition.

Others say their idol is important because of their work ethic, leadership qualities or their success.

According to the research. men polled consider themselves to be a good role model for other men because they work hard are kind and have strong values.

Matt Thomas, brand manager at Gillette said: “For many men, especially when they are young, their dad is often the first and most important role model in their life.

“Gillette plays a unique role in this relationship with the education of the first shave often being seen as a memorable moment when growing up.

“They are not only the most prominent male figure, but they are often the ones who encourage them to be the best they can be and influence them to make the best decisions in all aspects of their lives.

“However, we also wanted to recognise there are many others out there who men look up to as role models.

“This Father’s Day, Gillette are not only celebrating fathers, but the role models who help us be the best we can be – no matter who they are”.

Top 40 male role models:

1. Dad
2. Sir Winston Churchill
3. Grandad
4. Barack Obama
5. Neil Armstrong
6. Sir Richard Branson
7. Tom Hanks
8. Muhammad Ali
9. Roger Federer
10. Sir Bobby Moore
11. David Bowie
12. Gordon Banks
13. Prince William
14. Sir Mo Farah
15. Steve Jobs
16. Andy Murray
17. Usain Bolt
18. Morgan Freeman
19. Prince Harry
20. My brother
21. Lionel Messi
22. Anthony Joshua
23. Denzel Washington
24. Lord Alan Sugar
25. James Bond
26. Jurgen Klopp
27. Freddie Mercury
28. Will Smith
29. My best friend (male)
30. Idris Elba
31. Tim Berners-Lee
32. Lewis Hamilton
33. Elon Musk
34. Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
35. The Pope
36. Frank Lampard
37. Raheem Sterling
38. Chris Hemsworth
39. Oscar Wilde
40. Ryan Reynolds

Top 10 traits that make a good role model:

1. Honesty
2. Strong Values
3. Being Hard Working
4. Good Ethics
5. Kindness
6. Humility
7. Generosity
8. Sense of Humour
9. Encouraging
10. Being Talented


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