The Best Restaurants in London


London may have become known as an epicenter for pandemic-related food-borne illnesses, yet its restaurants are back and better than ever. From sushi to steakhouses, here are some of the top London eateries you should check out.

An absolute delight for meat enthusiasts, this BBQ restaurant provides an unforgettable culinary experience with aged cull yaw and cumin skewers, clay pot glass noodles with Tamworth belly and brown crab meat, clay pot glass noodles with Tamworth belly meat topped off by brown crab meat, vegan restaurants…and much more.

1. Temper

Temper specializes in modern BBQ, using an open fire built from massive quantities of charcoal and wood for optimal cooking results sourced from rare breed British cattle. Additionally, their goal is to use all parts of an animal so as to reduce wastefulness.

Their city location may be larger, yet still feels intimate – perfect for enjoying their food and cocktails. Not afraid of overdoing it with decor and presentation, you can expect your senses to be engaged throughout your experience here – expect deliciously smoky meat that is both salty and sweet… definitely a must try for all meat enthusiasts!…

2. Rika Moon

Rika Moon stands out as an outstanding restaurant on Kensington Park Road and plays an integral role in Notting Hill’s revival. Offering high end Japanese fusion in a luxurious environment, its sophisticated yet aesthetic design and imaginative cocktails complement their food while staying true to their friendly, family roots.

Rika restaurant features dishes designed for enjoyment and sharing, such as Hokkaido scallops with soya garlic butter and Miyazaki A5 beef tataki that melts in your mouth – dishes such as these might well meet you at the restroom! Even its name encapsulates its personality: Rika in Persian means “loved,” which refers to founder Mahsa Salehnazhad’s dog whom guests might meet on their visits to the toilet!

The restroom may be one of the most captivating rooms in any establishment, with its big red “DISCO” button providing instantaneous dance floor-like illumination and music! Press it and transform any ordinary toilet seat into an unforgettable dance party!

3. Archipelago

Archipelago Restaurant in London stands out for its eclectic offerings such as smoked python carpaccio and love bug salad as well as weaver ant garnishes amidst its fascinating collection of anthropological artefacts. If you’re seeking something out-of-the-ordinary, this could well be one of London’s finest spots!

Back then, finding an authentic Turkish restaurant would have seemed impossible in London; yet this Islington eatery demonstrates just how far the times have come. With decadent interiors and creative cocktails that perfectly compliment dishes like squid ink flatbread topped with smoked trout roe or juicy chunks of meat from its extensive kebab selection – it is hard to resist this delightful place!

4. The Coal Shed

Cadet serves “simple plates that lean French and Southern European,” such as trout poached in butter with roe and sorrel. Chef Jamie Smart and Sommelier Fran Roberts import their own wines that pair beautifully with dishes such as lamb offal flatbread.

Born out of a passion for cooking rare breed meat and South Coast seafood over coal, The Salt Room’s sister restaurant at One Tower Bridge complex now features an a la carte menu, great value express lunch specials, pre theatre menu and London’s beloved Sunday sharing roast. Perfect for large groups, couples and family celebrations!

5. Sushi Tetsu

Sushi Tetsu offers one of London’s most exquisite dining experiences if you can secure a reservation (and it is no small feat; bookings must be made over the phone on specific days and at specific times), thanks to master chef Toru Takahashi who masterfully slices every piece of nigiri and cuts sea urchin, turbot and tuna with expert precision. Watching him work his magic is truly a sight to behold.

Clerkenwell restaurant Ikigai boasts only seven counter seats and emulates the minimalist sushi bars found throughout Japan. Serving only delicious sushi like sublime yellowtail sashimi and seared o-toro, your experience here will cost more but every penny is well spent.

6. Bread & Wine

Small Stoke Newington eatery that outdoes itself. From American diner-style smash burgers and Nashville hots to playful samosas and chicken makhani sandwiches. Also on offer: generously-sized puddings!

Named for a district in Lagos, this highly-acclaimed British restaurant has earned rave reviews since opening. Signature dishes at Lake District Restaurant include live-fire menu with West African influences (think Lake District beef served with Jollof rice). A tasting menu is highly recommended.

7. Akoko

Fitzrovia eatery serving modern interpretations of classic West African dishes, featuring contemporary artwork by Niyi Olagunju on its walls, as well as custom terracotta and ceramic features throughout. Experience something magical such as 30-egg yolk tagliolini al tartufo with black truffle or melt-in-your-mouth sea bream served with shoestring plantain fries and fermented tepache sipping sauce, such as Crudo di Orata.

Barrafina began life as a single venue before expanding with multiple branches, making its mark as an innovator of Levantine cuisine from day one. Enjoy sampling their small plates menu – including chorizo with potato and watercress to prawn and piquillo pepper tortilla – at their Dean Street site, which earned themselves one Michelin star as well.

8. Caravel

Caravel, one of London’s acclaimed new restaurants, occupies an elegant converted barge docked alongside canals that separate Hoxton from Islington. Owned and run by Fin and Lorcan Spiteri – sons of St John founding partner Jon Spiteri and Rochelle Canteen co-founder Melanie Arnold – Caravel offers a relaxed yet refined menu which draws its inspiration from both Britain and Mediterranean cuisine, such as potato rsti with sour cream and caviar or pressed lamb served alongside sprouting broccoli and anchovy.

Nothing beats a delicious shrimp cocktail as an opening course at The Bistro on Main. Indulge in it along with other classics prepared with flair.


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