The best ways that cafe businesses can become eco-friendly


In the past few years, issues like plastic pollution and climate change have been firmly on consumers’ minds. Many are now concerned about the importance of waste reduction, sustainability, and environmentally-friendly practices.

Although people used to choose their favorite restaurants and cafes based on the value for money, customer service, and the atmosphere, now people are allowing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to decide which restaurants and cafes they visit. As a cafe owner, implementing environmentally-friendly business practices, into your strategy and even your marketing, can let your customers better understand your values.

Using environmentally-friendly disposals

From takeout containers to straws, almost all your cafes’ utensils can now be made from recyclable materials. For example, instead of traditional plastic dinnerware and utensils, you can use compostable or biodegradable options that are made from renewable materials like bamboo, sugarcane, or PLA plastic. Environmentally friendly disposables for cafe businesses can be found from suppliers like PureGusto Coffee for companies looking to stock sustainable products for their customers to use. Over the past few years, reusable cups and recyclable cups have also become more important to consumers.

Buying local foods

If your business has been around a long time, now and then it’s useful to consider the importance of diversifying into new services and products, to keep up with trends, tap into new opportunities, and to cater for ever-changing customer demands. Switching to local produce could help your business grow and help you cater for a variety of customers. Local buying often requires less transport which reduces carbon emissions compared to flying or shipping. Another benefit of local buying is that you are also supporting small and independent farmers and business owners too.

Compost & recycling programs

Composting and recycling are some of the best methods of reusing any waste acquired within your café. Recycling enables you to save money, decrease energy, increase efficiency, and gives you the chance to both retain and gain new clients. On the other hand, composting allows you to be more eco-conscious by reusing food items that would have been thrown away. In case you do not have space for composting, starting a recycling system will be the best option. Add recycling stations and bins to all areas of your café where they are easily accessible to your staff and customers.

Reduce wastage

According to this article from the Coffee Shop Expo, reducing waste can be done in all sorts of ways to help reduce the impact on the environment, from ensuring takeaway containers are recyclable to composting leftover food. Food waste can quickly pile up in your establishment and if you serve large portions to your customers they can end up throwing away large quantities of food. Monitor and carefully manage your inventory by checking expiry dates and move up menu items to prevent food waste as much as possible.

Invest in energy-efficient appliances

The food and hospitality service industries can often use a lot of electricity, especially through the use of machines. Reducing your energy use is just one of the many useful eco-friendly business tips that companies can utilise in 2020 and beyond. One of the best ways of cutting down your cafes’ energy bills is by switching from standard equipment and appliances to energy-efficient models marked with energy star labels. Buying new, green equipment and appliances for your cafe will reduce energy waste and save you some cash on your future energy bills.


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