The Legal Status of Cannabis in the UK


The world is constantly changing when it comes to marijuana. One day we hear it’s forbidden only to find that months later the legalization of cannabis is in process, not that we’re complaining though.

However, the UK seems to be a little old schooled when it comes to lawmaking, making new measures usually takes quite a long time. And yeah, we can understand how taking time for making new measures can be a good way of making things, sometimes, with certain subjects when the profits look highly promising, it could be a good idea to speed things up.

What’s the current status of marijuana in the UK?
Sadly, not much has changed in the past decade concerning cannabis in the UK, meaning that it is still completely forbidden to use the substance in the country for recreational use.

However, when it comes to medical use, since 2018, strict regulations have made way for patients to use it.

UK Playing a Big Role in Cannabis Production
It’s still controversial however, that the UK is fully aware of the potentials this business brings, the country being one of the main legal cannabis suppliers in the whole world. What is this marijuana produced for? Well, specifically for lab testing and industrial products derived from hemp. This means that none of this is destined to either recreational or medical use, either in the UK or outside the country.

Legal Cannabis Products in The UK
Nevertheless, cannabis not being legal in the UK, there are still many different cannabis-derived products available on the market. Of course, these are ones that contain none of the psychoactive elements present in the plant, this being specially THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the one famously known for giving the high effect. These legal products include edibles, such as candies and gummies, or even buds that contain less than 0,2% of THC.

But, when it comes to CBD oil, it’s still not possible to get it on the NHS.

Can You Grow Marijuana in The UK?
Well, no, it just makes sense that if marijuana is not yet legal in the UK, of course it won’t yet be possible to grow it legally at home. Paradoxically though, the market of marijuana seeds is indeed active in the UK territory.

The regulations concerning cannabis seeds state, firstly, anyone is allowed to sell or trade marijuana seeds, whether it is over the counter, at a store, or online, and have it delivered to a specific address. Secondly, there is an established limit of the amount of seeds one can possess, and exceeding such amount could lead to legal issues in the future. At the same time, selling or cultivating seeds for commercial use is not allowed, and serious consequences, including prison could be applied.

So, if you happen to come across cannabis grow shops where cannabis seeds are commercialized, they are either licensed to do so, or the packages of the products include a clear statement claiming that the products are destined only as collectible products and not destined to cultivation. Such is the case for famous genetics such as zkittlez seeds, gorilla cookies or purple lemonade, they can be sold in the UK but not to be grown.

It’s all a matter of time however, so perhaps purchasing seeds now while the market hasn’t yet boomed could be a great idea, the prices are likely cheaper than they will be once cannabis goes fully legal in the country, and you could be the holder of pure gold in the future, with unique strains. Make sure you know how to properly store cannabis seeds however, to avoid any misfortunes.


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