The most popular styles and design features for wooden buildings


Wooden buildings for gardens come in many shapes and forms, and currently, they are one of the most popular trends in home design. Whether you are dreaming of having a wooden room that is one of a kind, with a stylish and contemporary architecture, or a fairytale-like, rustic cottage, there are so many options that it will be difficult to pick just one! Read our article and find out more about the most popular design features and styles for wooden buildings.

Besides being beautiful and having a natural look, wooden buildings are also cost-effective, have great durability, require low maintenance and are quick to build, among other advantages. When we think of a wooden house, what often comes to mind is a tree house made for children or those small, adorable cottages in the woods. However, that is not the only scenario in which wooden houses can be built. That free space in your house surroundings works just as fine as well!

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the search for wooden buildings has grown massively. There are customers that work from home and want to have a stylish garden office, families that need a more private space to host guests, and many other possible reasons. A lot of companies are answering this peak of demand by selling and shipping wooden constructions of all kinds: sheds, glamping pods, offices, garages, saunas, workshops, cottages and more. If you want variety, quality and a great customer service, you can browse a few options of garden rooms at

Wood is a versatile material that works in many different architectural styles depending on taste, materials and budgets. It can be used both in the structure of the house and in elements such as doors, windows, floors, walls and furniture. When it comes to the buildings’ design, the contemporary style is one of the most popular options. These constructions can also have minimalistic details that fit the surrounding landscape, and a range of materials such as metals or tree trunks can be applied. 

The Scandinavian architecture is one of the customers’ most picked styles for wood houses as well. The construction of these buildings is greatly influenced by the winter temperatures of countries such as Norway, Sweden or Denmark, the relationship with the landscape and the use of local materials, such as – you guessed it! – wood. However, many clients prefer the classic styles as well, such as rustic garden rooms and their wooden facades with lovely details in materials like concrete and stone. 

As you can see, garden rooms come in styles for all tastes. Still, if you feel like the catalog options fall short for your expectations, a lot of companies provide bespoke projects as well. Regardless of the style of your preference, you can enjoy the many customization options provided by the suppliers. You can, for instance, select a pre-fabricated model and change the inside walls to best suit your needs, switch the position of the windows, and pick other materials for the roof and outside facades, among other options. 


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