The Right Standards to Have for an Online Casino


Online Casinos are all over the place. The pandemic and lockdowns probably doubled the available providers. We have already pointed out how to find a trustworthy online casino when you are interested in gambling from the comfort of your own home. Now we will take a look at advanced standards you can set, to find the best casino among those who are trustworthy. With the help of casino experts, we will find the best casino in terms of security, player focus, transparency, and responsible gaming.  

Make Use of the Experience of Others

Especially when you are new to things, finding out what makes the difference between a good casino and a great casino isn’t easy. There are factors in play that only become obvious with time and experience. Luckily, there are online casino communities out there, where enthusiasts come together to chat, review and inform. 

In the case of Casinomeister, online casinos have to fulfill a row of standards to gain the tag ‘accredited’. Only those with the accreditation seal are allowed to advertise their casinos on the popular community website.

If you look at thelist of conditions for passing this test, you can see what factors into a casino being great. Casinomeister splits them into four categories: 

  • Player Focus, 
  • Marketing, 
  • Industry & Player Assurance and 
  • Operational Standards

To assure they meet the conditions, a casino must manage a “Baptism by Fire”, meaning a 60-day trial where members of the community test and afterwards review and critique the casino. For casinos who haven’t been active for over two years, the trial period is 120 days.

Features of a Great Online Casino

Player Focus

A great online casino is expected to focus on the player. That does not only include good customer support but also a push for responsible gambling. Casino licenses cover much of these topics. They make sure the casino enforces prevention tools against gambling addiction and underage play. 

The minimum requirements are:

  • restriction and control tools like spending limits
  • temporary and permanent self-exclusion options
  • KYC-Checks to confirm the customer’s identity and age
  • no underage play
  • providing information about gambling addiction and helpful contacts

The licenses, however, focus less on the extent of customer support. Casinomeister states that a great online casino has to make an effort to resolve player issues quickly and that overall, according to customer reviews, you must be able to trace a history of fairness towards their players.


The main demand about marketing practices of online casinos is transparency and honesty. Casinos who use misleading advertising or aggressive spam on any communication channel do not get the seal of approval. When it comes to affiliate marketing, the proper credit needs to be given and consultations need to take place in case of retroactive changes.

Industry & Player Assurances

The online casino is required to be licensed by one of thestricter gambling regulators. That excludes most casinos that are solely licensed in the Caribbean. To ensure player support, Casinomeister also expects that a representative of the casino becomes an active member of the site. He needs to react to player complaints on the website’s forums and to have power to act on behalf of the player in front of the casino’s customer support.

Operational Standards

The operational standards of a great casino must actively avoid any behavior that could be considered unfair towards the player. That includes:

  • not clearly stating terms and conditions on bonus promotions
  • disqualifying players or refusing payout without specific reasoning and/or terms & condition violations

Other than that, the customer support should be in-house and not outsourced to a 3rd party. The site needs to provide ownership information and clearly state which other websites are sister-services. Considering the payout method, progressive jackpot wins must be paid out in full or in large chunks.


A casino license is a good starting point to find out whether a casino is trustworthy or not. To weed out the good casinos and be left with the great, casino communities like Casinomeister have their own standards. Casinos who want to be one of these accredited establishments need to be fair, transparent, responsible and focus on the player experience over anything else. If you are looking for a great casino, consider looking out for the mentioned traits. Or you could simply rely on the casino community’s wisdom and sift through their list of accredited casinos.


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