The Rise Of Cosmetic Surgery: How Professionals Like Dr. Amir Hashemloo Are Paving The Way To Perfection


Having a beautiful face is a natural right of every human being. Dr. Amir Hashemloo is one of the leading restorative beauty specialists who can give you a perfect face.

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but gone are the days when accepting and embracing what we were born with was our only option, and today, it’s possible to upgrade just about any feature and eliminate every imperfection with a little help from a cosmetic surgeon.

From nose jobs and lip enhancements to liposuction, it seems that in 2022, there’s nothing that the cosmetic field doesn’t have an answer for – and for a few thousand pounds, you can go under the knife for a nip here and a tuck there, or pop into your surgeon’s office for some speedy lunchtime injectables in as little as ten minutes.

Of course, surgery, dermal fillers and the like aren’t for everyone – but there’s no denying that the demand for such procedures is on the rise. In the UK alone, the cosmetic surgery industry is currently worth an estimated £3.6 billion, with the non-invasive aesthetics sphere bringing in a further £3 billion – with both numbers continuing to grow. Globally, the market is expected to reach $69.9 billion in 2022, which is a sign, if you needed it, that our appetite for transforming the way we look is only just getting started.

It’s worth noting that not all cosmetic surgery procedures performed are elective, and a large share of these are reconstructive surgeries for patients who have suffered accidents or are recovering from diseases such as cancer – but nevertheless, a slew of wealthy patients have no qualms about splurging on the latest procedures to make themselves feel good.

The medical field has grown exponentially over the years, with some rather impressive innovations having been introduced that have taken the space to the next level. Cosmetic surgery has long been lauded as the most technologically advanced offering from the medical field, having transformed the appearances of millions of patients over the years through a variety of different modern procedures.

As a result, medical professionals holding expertise in cosmetic surgeries are looked upon by many who want to change their physical appearance, be it their nose, jawline, eyes or another feature, as the person who can help them to achieve their aesthetic goals – so it’s perhaps unsurprising that the services of esteemed cosmetic surgeon Dr. Amir Hashemloo have become so highly-sought-after over recent years.

When it comes to the topic of cosmetic brilliance, no one else comes close. His restorative cosmetic procedures for the eyes and eyebrows, which are perfect to the ‘T’, have seen him grab global headlines of late, and thanks to the glowing reviews received from his patients, his appointments are now booked up many months in advance.

Born in Tehran, Iran, his impeccable work has earned him a commendable position in the industry since his career began, and he has had the privilege of working with some notable names and celebrities, including popular football stars from the Middle East and across the globe.

Having been around in the cosmetic surgery sphere for many years now, his experience is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons his expert guidance is sought by patients looking for the very best results. Hashemloo’s impeccable restorative cosmetic skills, which revolve around the eyes and eyebrows, are the areas in which he has particularly made his mark.

Growing up, he recalls being in awe of the skin and hair care industries, but it wasn’t until years later his intrigue led him to embrace a career in the cosmetic field – and become someone who is said by many of his patients to have ‘the safest hands in the business’.

By the time he enrolled at the Shahid Beheshti University to study for his intensive and comprehensive medical qualifications, the path ahead of him had become clearer, and after graduating in 2012, he immediately began his journey as a cosmetic specialist by starting to perform non-invasive, minor surgeries. A few years later, as his experience continued to grow, he started working on facial corrections with the help of injections and infusions.

Today, he holds expertise in facial contouring and facial correction procedures. His innovative application for the removal and correction of facial sagging is extremely popular amongst clients, and is the primary reason he is one of the most sought after professionals in the cosmetic enhancement industry.

Each procedure requires meticulous focus and discipline, and must be performed with the utmost precision in order for the desired results to be achieved. It’s something that Hashemloo doesn’t take lightly, having carefully honed his skill over a number of years to ensure he can deliver the very best.

It’s professionals like Hashemloo who are no doubt driving the surge in popularity – and spending – within the cosmetics field of late, and the more we’re presented with incredible and seamless results, the more likely we are to be willing to part with our cash. For the wealthy, spending a five or even six figure sum on a treatment is nothing compared to the confidence boost they hope it will provide, and with such great skill and expertise available for the right price, it seems a no brainer.

Cosmetic procedures certainly aren’t for everyone, but for many, it’s nice to know that the option is there. And while many are ready and willing to book themselves in for surgery, others look on and wonder if they, too, might one day do the same. While the perception of the cosmetic industry is that it aims to help people change their appearances entirely, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and today’s most esteemed field professionals encourage their patients to refrain from unnecessary treatments, rather than trying to sell them on them. When they do operate, it’s about enhancing natural features and helping patients to make the best of what they already have – which is a refreshing approach that could eventually see us become more willing to embrace our natural beauty once more.


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