The Ultimate Men’s Semi-Formal Clothing Guide


When being invited to ceremonial gatherings of friends and family, the dress code that comes up most often is for men to wear semi-formal attire, but you might not be certain of what it actually entails. Given the number of different terms for dress codes being thrown around, smart-casual and formal attire is often misunderstood. Read on to learn how to be the best dressed at your next event and become familiar with the specific set of guidelines for the semi-formal dress code.

What does Semi-Formal mean?

Wearing a suit while breaking away from normal business attire like matching your dress shoes and tie in terms of colour is known as semi-formal attire. It is a word that dates back to the 19th century and was used to characterise aristocratic men who chose to wear light-coloured or grey outfits to social gatherings, rather than the traditional, more formal black suit. Semi-formal clothing guidelines call for you to present yourself in a refined manner, and these guidelines are frequently used for evening gatherings, especially at weddings. Despite this, the clothing you need to wear is a little less formal than regular formal wear, unlike a black-tie dress code. Because of these guidelines, semi-formal can be a rather unclear but versatile dress code, making it difficult to know exactly how to dress. Luckily, resources like Men’s Flair have you covered, with everything you need to know about men’s style to get you looking smart and sophisticated.

How to Dress for a Semi-Formal Event

The formality of the event needs to be taken into account whenever choosing how to prepare for a semi-formal function. For instance, if you are going to a wedding or possibly a special ceremony at university, this would be regarded as a formal social occasion that calls for going in formal wear. A good choice would be a pale dress shirt, blazer, dress trousers, and dress shoes. A semi-formal summertime ceremony falls in between a casual and formal affair, so it might be more suitable to wear a black suit for such events. You could also wear a suit with a hint of colour that is somewhat more formal.

Consider the Time of the Day

You should think about the time of day that the function will be held at. You could blend in better and feel more at ease during the day by dressing in a semi-formal manner that makes sense for the time that event is taking place. Consider wearing black dress pants and a nice button shirt rather than shorts and a hoodie if you’re going to an event that takes place at night, for instance. You should think about wearing a shirt and tie with a lighter suit in grey or pale blue for a daytime engagement. And remember, a tie is usually unnecessary but always appropriate.

Standard Semi-Formal Suits

A good suit is one of the most fundamental items to keep on hand for semi-formal engagements. By wearing this type of apparel, you will be prepared for practically every function that takes place throughout the day or at night. For instance, you can wear dress trousers with a shirt and tie, with or without a jacket to any event like an engagement or cocktail party. Wearing a suit instead of jeans and a shirt and tie during the day can also make you appear much more sophisticated.

Semi-Formal Pants

A suit is not necessarily necessary for a semi-formal appearance. Rather than wearing your typical two-piece suit, think about wearing a pair of trousers with a blazer. To present yourself in the most professional manner possible at a fancy event, choose fitted pants or a pair of neat chinos. Additionally, you should check that the pants are fancy enough for the event and consider whether their colour clashes or goes with the rest of your ensemble.

Good Shoes Will Improve The Outfit

While being cliche, your semi-formal outfit will be made or ruined by your choice of shoes, which say a lot about your sense of personal flair. Your style can be quickly improved with a beautiful pair of dress shoes, but like any other apparel, it all lies in the details. Consider quality leathers, velvets, or suedes to enhance your outfits in a subtle yet strikingly effective way. Round-toe footwear is generally acceptable; however, make sure they are not bulky clown shoes that can detract from your carefully put-together outfit.

Semi-Formal Accessories

Suspenders, vests, and bow ties are some semi-formal additions you may wish to think about if you’re dressing up. Men who like to dress more formally for important events still don bow ties, elevating their suits and style. You should also consider wearing suspenders or in tandem with a waistcoat. Blazers and vests both feature an exterior pocket, so think about a neat pocket square to complete the ensemble. Another great piece to accent your semi-formal look is a timepiece, so a collection of watches will go a long way to complimenting the few outfits in your arsenal. Avoid wearing gaudy jewellery or cheap-looking watches, as they could make you appear less sophisticated and respectable.

Add a Personal Touch Wherever You Can

Small details are your greatest option for displaying your unique personality while keeping in line with formal and traditional men’s fashion guidelines. A matching watch and pocket squares add subtle complexity to jackets. Don’t overlook the little things, like the fasteners on your belt, the glasses you wear, or the laces in your shoes, they all add up to either complement or shatter the look you’re going for, so match carefully. You should always maintain flawless hygiene and keep yourself well groomed, the best put-together outfit in the world can be ruined with bad hair and body odour.

When you receive your next invitation to a semi-formal event, try to think about these three major rules: be overdressed than underdressed, try to personalise your outfit with accessories, and always take the date and location of the gathering into consideration. If you remember those, you’ll always fit right in.


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